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Ian MacKinnon

Players at the top pass and follow to pick and roll, the ballhandlers sell opposite (baseline), get to a shoulder, and attack the basket. The screener and ballhandler change lines but stay on the same side. Continue, then the shot progression is

- two-dribble pull-up jump shot
- pullback dribble, attack the basket
- hit the roll guy
- the screener slips the screen for a pass
- the screener pops to the corner or short corner for a pass.

Players change sides, repeat.
(Other options - reject, split, early split, shoot from behind the screen)

Variations - 3 and 4 each have a ball on the wing (or dribble down to the wing), screeners start at the ballside elbow or low post.
Australian Development Camp - work in pairs, 1 passes to 4 and follows to ballscreen, 4 uses the screen, shoots, rebounds, passes to 1 and ballscreens. Progression - the screener pops for a pass (the passer rebounds).
Matt Hackenberg - Ballscreen Combo
1 dribbles down to the wing and 4 comes up from the rim to ballscreen; on the other side, 3 lifts from the corner, screener 2 passes from the high elbow and follows.
Ballhandler options - reject, split, gap shot (defence goes under), pullback dribble, pocket pass, turn the corner (score, late pass to roller), pass on look-back, pop.
Screener options - slip, pop, roll (reverse pivot), dive (front pivot), short roll, roll and seal (high-low pass), roll and look back (seal and post), re-screen, also dribble hand-off (for 2). Curl behind or dive if the ballhandler rejects the screen.
Coaches pass with some combinations so every player gets a shot, e.g.
- hesitate and turn the corner, the screener pops for a pass from coach
- gap shot, the screener rolls and seals for a high-low low pass
- reject the screen and score, the screener dives or curls behind
- split the screen, the screener pops.

Canada Basketball Technical Manual

To work on a triangle pass (here a high-low pass), add a player at the weakside low post who runs outside the paint as 2 rolls to the basket.

Progression - add a defender in the lane who defends 2 and 4.

Against a switching defence, a triangle pass to get the ball inside is the first option, if that's not there, get the ball back to the guard to create a one-second advantage off the dribble, the post slides to the short corner to create space. Against a hard hedge, the screener should slip, or reverse the ball quickly to hit the roller, the screen defender has extended.


- 4 ducks in for a pass, bounce passes to 2
- 4 starts in the weakside slot
- 4 starts in the ballside corner and fills behind the ballscreen.

See Shooting - Procopio ballscreen series, Tactics - Enfield ballscreen spacing, Bill Self ballscreens (drag to a pass back).up

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