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Choice is yours (6-ball)

Six-ball shooting, 1-2-3 run, get passes from 4-5-6, shoot, and rebound. Score one point for a layup, three points outside the arc, two points otherwise.

coaching.fibaeurope.com - 1-2-3 start with balls, dribble for shots, with two players dribbling towards one basket (with one ball on the baseline), the third player dribbling at the other basket (with two balls on the baseline), baseline players without a ball run to the opposite baskets, shooters rebound and take their places.

Barry Brodzinski - 2 takes a bank shot, 1 takes a straight-on jump shot, 3 shoots off the dribble.

Option - all players take the same shot, e.g., 3s.

Variation - use nine balls, 1-2-3 dribble and shoot, then 4-5-6 dribble from the baseline to shoot at the other basket, then 7-8-9 go.

Coach Mac - Fatigue shooting - three groups of 3-4 players, catch and shoot (coach specifies distance), shoot for time (1-2 minutes) or makes. Variations
- everyone has a ball, shoot off the dribble
- layups, floaters, mid-range, 3-pointers, 1-dribble pull-ups, 2-dribble pull-ups.

Terry Layton - 4-5-6 close out after passing to 1-2-3.

After passing, 4-5-6 run to the other end to get passes from 7-8-9.
Play to X points. There can be more than three players in each line.
See George Karl (Gooroo) - Stride and shoot.
basketball-plays-and-tips.com - shooters get passes as they reach the 3-point line, they can shoot behind the arc (3 points), move up for a jumper (2 points), or take a layup (1 point), keep score.
Fabienne Blizzard - 8-ball shooting (four lines) - catch and shoot, one-dribble pull-ups (cross-over step, both ways), step-backs, two courts compete.
Ian MacKinnon - 6-ball shooting - 2 minutes each of 15-footers, one-dribble pull-ups, then 3s.
- each line is a team (3-6-9, 1-5-6, and 2-4-7, the players at the far end call the score on each shot), the lines moves clockwise on "rotate"
- each row is a team (1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9)
- with 4 lines and 8 balls, have two players shoot at one basket to start and two players shoot at the other basket
- Thornlea HS - halfcourt pre-game warmup, 3 lines, the passer touches halfcourt.

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