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50 makes

Nepean Blue Devils Bantam Girls

Each player has a ball, use all available baskets (here two), shoot and rebound your shot, go until the team makes 50 as a group, on each make the shooter adds one to the team total and calls it out loudly. Can be used as a warm-up or transition between drills.

- combined makes in 1-2 minutes
- individual competition.
Taylor Allan - 60-second shooting - solo shooting, make as many 3's as you can in 60 seconds (variation - shoot 3's or 15-foot shots with regular scoring).
Kansas Women - toss-out 3s - start in the middle of the lane, toss the ball out to the 3-point line, step into your shot, make 12 in 60 seconds, record makes and takes.
Florida 21 - from behind the arc, take a shot worth 3 points, a pull-up for 2 points, or a layup for 1 point, move around the perimeter, you can't shoot the same shot or from the same spot twice in a row, get to 21 points.

See Shooting - 80 hoops, Billy Donovan workouts (21 shooting game), 32, 5star circus, Pro Training solo (fullcourt hotshots).

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