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Pro Training workout #10

Pro Training (YouTube)

Two-ball dribbling, in-and-out, finishing.

See YouTube video - Pro Training workout #10.

1) Stationary two-ball circuit

30 seconds each,

- together low (same-time dribbles)
- together high
- alternating low (pistons)
- alternating high
- inside-out with the right hand (cup the other ball with the left hand, and jab left)
- inside-out with the left hand.

2) Moving two-ball circuit

2 sets. To halfcourt and back, start on the baseline facing the court, always face the same direction,

- dribble both balls together to halfcourt then backwards to the baseline
- alternating dribbles to halfcourt then backwards
- together zig-zag to halfcourt (the balls do not change hands), backwards zig-zag to the baseline (use defensive footwork)
- alternating zig-zag to halfcourt then backwards.
See Dribbling - Matt Doherty.up

3) Two-ball in-and-out drill

5 reps for each. Starting from the baseline, cup one ball with the left hand, inside-out dribble with the right hand at each lane marker out to the foul line, dribble both balls together backwards to the baseline, repeat 4 times, progressions

- left-hand inside-out
- inside-out crossovers starting with the right hand (the other ball changes hands each time)
- inside-out crossovers starting with the left.up

4) Two-ball Mikan drill

Keep the same ball in the same hand the entire time, progressions,

- 20 layups (facing the basket, outside hand off inside foot)
- 20 reverse layups (outside hand off inside foot).
See Post play - Mikans.up

5) Two-ball finishing

10 makes each.

a) Layups

Start on the right block facing the baseline, dribble (both balls together) backwards to the elbow, slide to the other elbow, take one more dribble, finish with a left-hand layup.

Repeat coming back, starting from the left block, finish with a right-hand layup, repeat for 10 makes.

b) Reverse layups

Use alternating dribbles, and finish with a reverse layup (using the baseline hand, e.g. right hand on the right side).up

6) In and out layups

5 makes each, both sides. Start at the halfcourt sideline, cup one ball with the inside hand, dribble to the wing (outside hand), make an inside-out move and finish, repeat for 5 makes.

Progression - inside-out crossovers (the inside ball changes hands).

Repeat on the other side for 20 total makes.up

7) Inside-hand finishes

5 makes each. One ball, from halfcourt attack the top of the key, make an inside-out move, finish with the inside hand (off the outside foot), repeat for 5 makes.

Progression - inside-out crossover (inside-hand finish).

Repeat starting with the left hand for 20 total makes.

End the workout with at least 20 made free throws.up

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