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Woodley 4 on 4

Matt Woodley

4 on 4 pack shell.

See Defending - Woodley closeouts, Woodley 3 on 3.

a) Positions

Every single day. With the ball in a slot, all help comes from strongside, weakside help is not as important, X3 has one foot in the lane, they allow quick ball reversal, and he has to be able to close out on 3.

X2 and X4 are one step closer to the ball than their man, in a slightly closed stance, both feet inside the pack.

Attackers catch and hold, defenders close out with one hand high, one low (see Defending - Spurs shift & close).


- pass and hold for 1001
- attackers can pass or take one dribble, middle or baseline.
Brett Brown - Cut-throat defence (FIBA YouTube) - 1 beats X1 with his right hand, X2 does not help off the corner, X3 helps from low weakside, with a v-back from high weakside X4, everyone goes back to their own on a pass.
See Defence - Gap basics, Help rotations, Defending - 4 on 4 help rotations.

With the ball in the corner, X3 is three passes away, he has to worry about a quick skip pass and closeout, and is weakside in the lane (not on the help or split line), in line with ball and man.

Help defender X4 is also not the help line.

b) Cutters

Pass and cut on a guard-to-wing pass (one guy doesn't get to cut, here it will be 4).

X1 jumps to his gap and back pedals (never turn to your back to the ball), X4 and X3 have to tag cutter 1.
Seth Weakley - Rotation drills (FIBA YouTube) - after 1, 4 then 3 basket cut from the top, 2 drives baseline when he can or when coach says "go" (he sees the low split defender lose vision). See Defending - DeMatha shell.

Progression - exchange or screen away on a guard-to-guard pass, see Defending - Wootten Fogler, Tar Heels, Calipari, DeMatha shell.

c) Stunt and recover

Drive into a gap, stunt-stunt, go around and back (2 and 3 start lower).

When 2 drives middle, X1 stunts to help X2, then X4 stunts to help X1 on the kick-out pass to 1. Stunt and get back to your check, don't over-commit. Fake and get back, create the image of a crowded floor.

Continue with 1 driving and passing to 4, etc.

Progression - pass across the top, 2 drives and kicks to 1 who passes to 4 who drives and kicks to 3, repeat coming back.
(Variation - if forcing left, 3 skips the ball back to 2, repeat or rotate players)

d) Dribble hand-offs

Guard-to-wing dribble hand-offs, go off and under. 1 drives right at X2, X1 lets him through, they are not switching.

2 swings the ball to 4, repeat with another guard-to-wing dribble hand-off on the other side, continue.

Progression - black - switch everything, late game. Have to touch and switch (X4 and X3 come together), and switch to touch (X4 switches to touch dribbler 3, especially to defend a 3-point shot).
Lionel Hollins - Aggressive defence (FIBA YouTube) - X4 yells "open", X2 yells "through". Switch like-size.
See Defence - Pitt ballscreens.


The most important drill. On a whistle, attackers put the ball down and touch the paint, the defence is immediately on offence, picks up the ball and has to make one pass, attackers can't guard the guy who was guarding them, it's live.
Jim Huber - the on-ball defender (here X4) can't pick up the ball but team X does not need to make one pass.
See Scrimmage - Bennett 4 on 4 switch.up

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