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Post play
Procopio post workout

Mike Procopio

Game shots for post players, after warm-up.

1) 15-foot jump shots

Two balls, two rebounders, one passer, the shooter takes 5 shots each from the baseline, elbow, above the foul line, other elbow, other baseline.

Bigs have to be able to make 12-15 foot shots, e.g. on a pick and pop, or relocation on dribble penetration. Get your shooting elbow as high as your eyebrow, and hold the follow-through.
See Post play - 4-spot shooting.

2) Reading guard cuts

3 makes a post-entry pass then cuts through baseline or middle, 5 waits for the cutter to go through then turns over either shoulder and takes a no-dribble shot or jump hook (keep the ball at chest level). Repeat with passer 2, take 7 shots, switch sides.

Post with elbows out and hands by your ears.

If 3 stays after the post-entry pass, his defender can dig on the post and guard 3 at the same time, the post instructs the guard to relocate or cut either way through the rim area.
See Post play - UCLA shooting.

3) Dribble relocation

Use a rebounder. 3 drives middle (or baseline), 5 relocates baseline (or elbow) for a pass and shot.

Repeat with 2, take 8 shots then switch sides.

See Post play - Mike Procopio dribble spacing, Pitt penetrate & relocate, Calipari dribble-drive.

Progression - add a post defender who helps and recovers, 5 will catch and rip away from the recovering defender, here 5 would front pivot on his right foot, shield with his left hip, attack with one right-hand dribble and finish at the rim or on the other side.

When post defender X5 stunts and recovers on a middle drive, 5 will catch, front pivot on his left foot, rip baseline away from the recovering defender, shield with his right hip, and attack the basket with one dribble.

4) Screening

a) Downscreen and pop

Pin down and pop back baseline for a 12-foot shot. Go twice, switch sides.

Progression - catch, rip middle, one dribble and finish.

b) Cross-screen, guard cut

4 cross-screens for 5 who waits for the screen, starts low and comes high, or vice versa.

2 passes to 5 and cuts middle or baseline, 5 waits for the cutter to go through then finishes with a one-dribble hook, spin back, or up and under.

6 will come on as the screener for 4 (rotate screener to shooter, shooter off), 3 is the next passer. Switch sides after 7 shots.

c) Sidescreen and pop

4 passes to 2 from the weakside, sprints to pick and pop for a 15-foot shot (roll or pop hard to create space). Everyone goes twice, switch sides.


- pop and attack middle - on the left side, catch right-left, cross-step and drive middle, finish with the right hand (running hook or at the rim)
- pop, attack middle with one dribble, spin baseline (help arrives from the nail), finish with the baseline hand.

d) High pick and roll

4 picks and rolls, 5 replaces, 1 hits 5 for a shot, 6 comes on as the roll guy, 4 is the next replace guy. Everybody goes twice, switch sides.


- 1 hits the replace guy who keeps it high and dumps it down low to the roll guy ducking in hard in front of the rim
- 1 hits the replace guy who dribble handoffs to 3 then rolls hard for a return pass.

See Post play - Duke high-post-screen shots, Defence - Procopio ballscreens.

5) Running hard to the rim

Running hard in transition opens up a shooter or driver if their defender has to bump the post attacker.

5 hits the backboard three times with the ball, passes to coach, sprints to touch the ball, runs hard to the rim, coach passes to 2 or 3, 5 spins to the ballside block for a pass and any post move (or coach throws over the top to 5). Switch shooters, coach can progressively move back.

See Post play - Mike Procopio rim runs, Calipari rim runs, Terps rebound explode out, Mikan then move.

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