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Beat the closeout

Shane Froling
Australian Basketballstar Drills & Skills

a) Layups

4 passes to 1 and closes out, 1 catches the ball in stance, shot fakes and beats the closeout to the basket.

1 rebounds, 4 replaces 1.

2 goes next off a pass from 5.
Drew Hanlen - paint game - 1 gets a point for getting both feet in the paint with 1-2 dribbles, otherwise 4 gets a point (only one ball, 1 passes to 2, 5 closes out).
- shot fake, one-dribble pull-up
- jab step
- start with close-outs and no shots.

b) Shots

4 passes to 1 and closes out, 1 shoots.

See Shooting - Close-out lines, 5star close-outs.
(Progression - live, one-dribble limit)
See 1 on 1 - Close-out game, Machine gun close-out, Dave Smart first step, Multiple.
Doc Scheppler (bballbreakdown)
- feet in the air on a catch (small hop), quick dip of the ball
- machine-gun drill - chop the feet (hot feet), hop, catch and shoot
- shooting on the move - quick turn on the hop, square in the air
- shooters plan to catch and shoot, read and react to blow by
- decide in the air doing the hop
- attack the closeout - if the defender is running out, react with your feet, split and sprint, catch and land with split feet, the pushing foot is back, crossover drive.

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