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clear.gifOff-Season Workouts - At-Home Training

Basketball players can work on their game at home, indoor-outdoor, without access to a hoop. Shooting, dribbling, triple threat, attacks-stops, and passing can be developed, along with vertical jump and other physical conditioning e.g. core strength and agility.

Some drills are linked to Off-Season YouTube drills for details, and if you do have a hoop at home, also see Driveway shooting.

"At-Home" YouTube playlists

These playlists are geared to at-home training without a hoop:

  • At-home training
    • form shooting, dribbling & passing, triple threat, vertical jump, other conditioning
  • Jr. NBA at Home
    • ballhandling & dribbling, shooting, passing, footwork, physical conditioning (for a grouped list, see Jr. NBA - At Home)
  • #NoBasketNeeded (Reid Ouse)
    • dribbling, triple threat, attacks and stops

Form shooting

Lie-down shooting is the go-to at-home indoors drill, do two-hand shooting to start (see Duncan Robinson form shooting),   progress to one hand catch and shoot (see Basement workout). 50-100 reps a day grooves mechanics and builds arm strength.

Seated shooting is a good complement, you can shoot from the waiter position, set point, and shot pocket, sitting on a chair (see Become a better shooter at home) or on the floor (see Do not do this at home).

Outdoors, shoot off a high wall, or in the air to yourself, let it bounce and repeat, or shoot to a family "partner". See 5 at-home shooting drills, which includes square-up shooting.

Do one-hand form shooting (see Rick Carlisle), set-point and shot-pocket shooting, but also work on getting the ball to the shot pocket e.g. off a pass and on the dribble (ball quick).

See Stuff and Pound-stuff shooting in Keys to Shooting, and the Form shooting progression also includes Drop, Waist-wrap, Foot-fire, Quick-turn, One-leg and Hop drills.up


Indoors or outdoors, stationary ballhandling is a staple. The "at-home" YouTube playlists include a variety of drills, e.g.

Outdoors, here are some go-to drills that are driveway-friendly:

For other dribbling ideas see

Also see YouTube playlists - Drag pullback, Inverted drag, Lateral separation, Lateral bounds.up

Triple threat

Work on pivoting and triple threat counters, see Static pivoting and moves and

  • 360 pivot (4:49)
    • step out, step thru, spin away, step out
  • Purpose behind jabs (1:32)
    • side jab, front jab, middle jab, cross jab and spin
  • 3 triple-threat moves (6:54)
    • rocker step (jab, shot fake), back-up move (shot fake, jab), shoulder shimmy
  • Jerome Williams footwork (2:04)
    • shot fake, downhill (front jab), jab (side jab)
    • cross-step to reverse-pivot side jab ("Melo")
    • shot-fake downhill
    • shot-fake downhill side-jab
    • shot-fake downhill side-jab Melo

See YouTube playlists - Pivoting, Triple threat, Shimmy.up

Attacks and stops

Using triple threat counters, work on first-step attacks into a dribble stop, see Dave Smart first step.

The Tyler Relph 3-cone series is a good drill to work on drop moves and speed-stop exchanges.

The #NoBasketNeeded series also uses advanced concepts, e.g.

  • Attacks and stops (1:39)
    • split stance and split catch to speed stop, speed-stop exchange
  • Hand-to-hand exchanges (1:46)
    • drop-move lateral crossovers
    • drop thru to stop exchange, step-in (shot)
    • drop split to scissor between
    • between-behind continuous (scissor feet)
    • hip rotation to speed stop, stop exchange
  • Keeping & claiming space (1:59)
    • push step between-behind, between-behind under drag pullback
    • two-dribble thru-under, thru-under drop and go, thru-under to drop-move cross, thru-under to drop thru
    • split catch to stop exchange, go, stop exchange
  • Playing off the catch (1:52)
    • side jab to speed stop, stop exchange, stop low cross, inverted drag, inverted drag drop and go
    • middle jab to side jab to speed stop

For more on these concepts here are other Ouse videos (also see a Reid Ouse playlist). Punch drag is another stop option.

Drop-stance variations are

  • inverted drop - a split stance dribbling off the back foot (into a push crossover),
  • drop pivot - drop the inside foot into a split stance,
  • inverted drop pivot - drop the outside foot, go thru the legs

See Shooting - Drop series, YouTube playlists - Inverted drop, Drop pivot, also YouTube skills playlists (Footwork).up


Use a wall (or family partner) to work on passing, see Steph Curry warm-up above, also

Vertical jump

A training progression includes

  • line jumps, pogo jumps, squats, squat jumps, broad jumps, 1-2 jumps, knee tucks, speed skaters
  • power skips, sprints, shuttle runs
  • lunges, lunge jumps, step-ups, depth drops, box jumps

If lunges are challenging, start with stationary lunges (see 7 different lunges), and lunge jump to an athletic stance before doing jumps to a lunge position and then alternating lunge jumps (see 3 drills to jump off two feet).

See YouTube videos:

Line drills for quick feet has 4 options for line jumps. Line hops can also be done on one foot (see Stay Active with Jewell Loyd).

See Conditioning for links to vertical-jump YouTube playlists.up

Other conditioning

Complement vertical jump training with core strength (e.g. planks, crunches), push-ups and agility (e.g. ladder drills).

For core training with a basketball, see

For total-body workouts (including cardio), see

Also see Raptors ISO Challenge with Jonny Lee, a playlist of exercises by the Raptors strength and conditioning coach.up

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