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Speed race

Hoop Tactics

Put five chairs (or cones) in a line from the baseline to halfcourt, plus a chair on each side at the midline,

- speed dribble from the baseline to halfcourt with the right hand, around the chair, back to the baseline with the left hand
- weave through the line of chairs up and back
- speed dribble to halfcourt with the left hand, around the other chair, back with the right hand.

Set up two courses, players race against each other (tournament format, winners move up, losers move down). Use this as a try-out drill.

- dribble around the last cone from outside to inside
- no cones at halfcourt, just change hands coming back.

See Dribbling - Relay races, UMass, Try-outs - Kris Treat dribbling, Physical testing (agility).


- use an even number of chairs or cones in a line, speed dribble out with the right hand, weave back, speed dribble out with the left hand, weave back for two round trips

- team relay race 1-2 minutes

- two-ball dribbling

- sprint the slalom course, without a ball
- start from the baseline but move the cones upcourt (the speed dribble legs are longer).

See Dribbling - Fullcourt zig-zag, Relay races, Try-outs - Kris Treat physical evaluation (body balance).

Mike MacKay

Start on the baseline, dribble through 6 cones using a change-of-direction dribble, return to the baseline. At both ends, 3 cones start at the foul-line extended and are 1 metre apart, this allows a change of speed in the middle.

Timing starts on the first movement, ends on a jump stop on the baseline.


- race against other players (not timed)
- use tight cones only at the far end
- dribble across the baseline to finish.

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