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Nash halfcourt

Steve Nash

Players dribble from the baseline to midcourt and back using
- speed dribble (Nash alternates hands, the kids use one hand going out and the other hand coming back)
- crossover
- behind the back
- through the legs
- pullback crossover, bust forward - push the ball at the defender, bring it back a step, cross it over, take it back at him
- slow and go (hesitation) - take it at him, slow down, push it past him
- spin dribble (head turns first).
You always want to create space for yourself, get away from your defender, get him leaning in one direction then go the other way.

See Dribbling - Fullcourt moves.
goxavier.com - Steve Nash on-the-move - players are in lines on the baseline, make an instructed move every few bounces, or at both foul lines and halfcourt, or use cones or markers. Progression - combination moves, e.g., crossover-crossover.

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