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Lee Rose fullcourt

Lee Rose

Five lines on the baseline, the first player in each line is a guard, the second is a forward, the third is a centre, each player has a ball, on "go" the first group dribbles fullcourt, the next group goes when the first gets to midcourt, continue until all groups have gone, repeat coming back. Progressions

a) straight-line dribble with the right-hand (first trip), then left-hand, then alternate hands
b) three diagonal dribbles (start with the right hand), reverse dribble, continue
c) change of pace - speed dribble for 5 steps, slow down and coast for 5 steps, accelerate to the baseline (progression - alternate hands)
d) stop and go - speed dribble on a whistle, stop on the next whistle (keeping a live dribble), continue, variations
- alternate hands on each stop
- back up two steps on each stop (pullback), sprint forward on the next whistle
- back up two steps, alternate hands (pullback crossover)
- on stops, use behind-the-back and between-the-legs dribbles.

(Variation - use fewer lines with less players or for change-of-direction dribbling)

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