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Tauer halfcourt

John Tauer

1) Cones

Halfcourt dribbling using four cones, make a change of direction move at each cone (more than 18 inches, to get by a defender), then sprint back to the start. Progression

a) Crossover - keep the ball below the knees, bring it back a little on the crossover, explode out, change direction and speed.

b) Between the legs - don't pause, explode out, don't let the defender catch up.

c) Behind the back - you lose vision of the ball but don't stop, keep your forward progress throughout, wrap the ball around your waist.

d) Spin dribble - spin then change hands, don't change hands early or the defender can get at the ball. Stay low, don't bounce.

Ray Lokar
- 5 lines of players on the baseline, halfcourt dribbling, v-cut with changes of direction (no cones)
- crossover dribble - lower and closer to the body
- spin dribble - take an extra dribble with the same hand
- between the legs - not much different from a crossover
- speed dribble to halfcourt with the fewest dribbles possible, push the ball out in front.

See Dribbling - Calipari warm-up, Fullcourt zig-zag, Jr. NBA - Ballhandling (Moving) - dribble cones out and back.

2) Zig-zag

An attacker and defender, use a narrow corridor (pick a line on the court, go side to side), the attacker makes any change of direction moves. The defender goes about 50% the first time (shadow the ball), go back to the start, switch attacker and defender, repeat. Second time the defence is 100%, try to steal the ball.

Ray Lokar - 5 lines of attackers with defenders, go fullcourt.

See Defending - Zig-zag.

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