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Off-Season Workouts - YouTube drills

Annotated workout and drill videos, the playlist is Off-season drills. Also see At-Home Training.

Shooting Challenges

Augie Johnston

By Any Means Basketball (Coleman Ayers)

  • Curry Workout Off The Dribble
    • Curry uses a ton of wraps.
    • Continuous wrap behind shuffle (10 on each side), then in and out wrap shuffle.
    • Freestyle shot fakes off the dribble consecutive shot fakes and combos, be creative, change speeds, look at the rim.
    • Glide into shot fake, explode and decelerate, shot fake again crossover (counter shot fake, push out, finish on the other side).
    • Shooting
      • jab and cross stepback (one dribble)
      • in and out wrap 3s (2 dribbles, with a little shuffle to set the feet)
      • two-dribble inverted snatch (inverted drag)
      • throw the ball out in front with one dribble, catch and shoot
      • in and out wrap stepbacks (3 dribbles)
      • in and out wrap inverted snatch (3 dribbles)
      • behind the back glide behind the back snatch (2 dribbles).
  • Kyrie Irving Finishing Workout
    • Mikans - inside hand, wide hooks, cradles
    • Cuff and overhead dribbles
    • Two-foot change of direction (extension finish), cradles, inside hand, off-foot (outside hand and foot), all weak-hand.
  • Rhythm & Speeds At-Home Ballhandling Workout
    • Cuff dribbles, cuff to pocket, add cross-between-behind triple combo.
    • Scissors between the legs, rise up and bring feet together between dribbles.
    • Two scissors, rise up.
    • Continuous scissors.
    • Two high dribbles behind the back, then two low dribbles.
    • Freestyle - any moves, two high, two low.
    • Double move to snatch - two between the legs, explode to an inverted drag pullback.
    • Lateral in-and-out wraps, add a triple combo.
    • Double wrap to snatch - behind-wrap to a cross drag pullback.
    • Between-cross, drop low on the crossover.
    • Freestyle.
  • Speed & Height Changes At-Home Ballhandling
    • 5 high pounds, 5 low pounds.
    • Tap crosses, double-tap crosses.
    • 4 high 4 low crossovers, then between the legs, and behind the back.
    • In-and-out behind the back, rise up, show shot.
    • Triple combo, rise up, show shot.
    • Combo retreats - two retreat dribbles, rise up, triple combo, explode forward on the last move.
    • Rhythm double crosses - cross-step with a slow, high dribble, step back into a hard low double-cross, continue, change sides; progression - between the legs, cross.
    • Wrap, snatch-back (behind the back pullback), between the legs.
    • In-and-out reverse between the legs snatch (under pullback), behind the back, continue, switch legs.
    • 5 high 5 low freestyle.up

Collin Castellaw (Shot Mechanics)

  • Filthy 45
    • 9 shots x 5 spots catch and shoot, downhill catch and shoot, backpedal catch and shoot, one-dribble pull-ups L-R, lateral shots L-R, jab-pullbacks L-R (one dribble)
  • Klay Thompson Catch and Shoot
    • Catch and shoot, jab right shoot, jab left shoot.
    • Crack-back 3s (two balls, shot pass square up then come back for a ball off a cone or chair).
    • X shooting (block to wing, shot pass, alternate sides, use reverse pivot hop, turning inside).
  • Partner Shooting Drills for Attacking Closeouts
    • On the closeout, a) shoot, b) shot fake, one-dribble pull-up, c) jab (at the top foot), shoot.
    • See Shooting - 5star pairs spot.up
  • Curry Shooting Drills #2
    • Transition pull-ups, bring the ball up with the inside hand on each side of the floor,
      • in and out pull
      • drop cross hesi
      • lateral behind the back (kick step)
      • push cross to lateral space
      • yo-yo (cut) dribble to lateral pull-up
      • wrap stepback (extra dribble or not)
      • drop cross snatch back (behind the back pullback)
      • drop cross pullback (cross it back, scissor step i.e. foot replacement)
      • pop stop (drop cross, punch dribble, scissor feet).
  • Curry Shooting Drills #1
    • Catch and shoot (spin a pass in front).
    • Jab and shoot (both sides).
    • Pass fake outside, shoot.
    • Baby pump fake, shoot.
    • Extended jab (with dominant foot), shoot from there.
    • V-dribble (push-out and crossover) shoot.
    • Lateral space dribble (drop a dribble outside, kick step or cross-step to get it).
    • Step-backs (cross-step, one dribble).
  • 5 Shooting Drills by Yourself
    1. Two-bounce spin-outs (start on baseline, bounce outside 3, alternate sides).
    2. Behind the back midrange (dribble wing to wing with outside hand, go behind the back, shoot), see Shooting - Behind-the-back pull-ups.
    3. Out-curl mid-range (bounce from baseline, curl outside, catch and shoot).
    4. One-dribble pull-up series (wings, both sides) pull-up right-left, side-step 3 right-left.
    5. Baseline sprint 3s corner to corner (long rebound, shoot where you get it).
  • 5-Minute Workout
    • Line shooting, free throws, hip-swivel pull-ups, drag pullbacks, jab 3s.
  • Mastering the crossover
    • In and out lateral crossovers (shuffle).
    • In and out forward, cross pullback.
    • In and out backward, wrap behind the back forward.
  • Also see Shooting - Snake pull-ups, Behind-the-back pull-ups.up

Coach Rock (ILoveBasketballTV)

  • 3 Individual Shooting Drills
    • Baseline 3s, 7-spot star shooting, square-up 3s.
  • Perfect Shooting Workout
    • Mikan drill, Reverse Mikan drill.
    • Runners (floaters) with both hands off one foot (opposite) and two feet; one dribble.
    • Elbow pull-ups alternate until you make 10 going each way.
    • Hesitation pull-ups 5 off each hand from midrange then from 3.
    • Stationary 3s make 10 from 5 spots; spin a pass in the air, not off the floor.
    • Off the move 3s (square-ups) shot pass off the floor, make 10 going each way, repeat on each wing if there is time.
    • Crossover shots e.g. Iverson, Hardaway, go both ways.
    • Stepbacks.
    • Free throws make 10.
    • See Shooting - Guard workout.
  • Workout For Point Guards
    • Dynamic warm-up including defensive slides.
    • One-hand and two-hand form shooting, 3 spots, make 5.
    • Stationary ballhandling with Curry combination (cross-cross-between-between-behind-behind, then 3x each).
    • Same on the move.
    • 5-spot shooting, mid-range and 3s, make 5.
    • Scoring moves drill approach the top of the key with a double move, elbow pull-ups, progression between-cross (Hardaway), between-behind.
    • Pick and rolls on both sides go around, split, fake and reject, shoot from behind (goes under).
    • Iso moves cone at the top and on the wings, e.g. scissor, crossover, hesi pulls.
  • Master the NBA Euro-step (Ryan Razooky)
    • Euro-step - step outside (towards your defender), sell a pass, step inside, take the ball overhead to protect it.
    • Swing step - first step crosses to the inside, protect the ball, next step attacks the downhill.
    • Dribble-jab Euro - dribble-jab inside then two steps to attack the rim, or just one step with the outside foot, or Euro-step.
    • Cross-jab Euro - crossover dribble inside-outside, dribble-jab Euro (see Giannis finishing move).
    • See Layups - Euro-step.
  • Finish Strong at the Rim (Ryan Razooky)
    1. Veer step - slam ball and inside foot at the same time, pick up, ball on shoulder, one step forward, step into your defender (contact on the pickup), don't rock the ball.
    2. Pound evasion (contact on the dribble) - pound and step inside at the same time, hit your defender, take one step (can take two) and finish (see Dribble-jab Euro above).
    3. Jump stop - sideways into your defender, tuck the ball to your side.
    4. Contact in the air - outside-inside power finish.
    5. Jump on top of your defender - gather outside-inside, elevate diagonally, show the ball with both hands, bring it back to the shoulder and finish with the outside hand.
  • Also see Dribbling - Coach Rock cones, Layups - Relph cross-jab series.up

DJ Sackmann

Dr. Dish

Jordan Lawley

  • 6 Reverse Layups
    1. Show the ball with the outside hand off the outside foot, one more step, finish with the same hand on the other side.
    2. Same show and step, finish with the inside hand.
    3. Up and under - outside-inside power stop, show the ball in both hands, bring it down, finish with the inside hand (with no extra step).
    4. Same power stop and up and under, outside-hand finish.
    5. Show the ball with the outside hand off the inside foot, switch hands to finish on the other side (no extra step).
    6. Dribble thru, finish with the outside hand off the outside foot [Nash].
  • Undersized Guards- Learn how to finish better at the rim
    • Floaters - dominant-hand only, for a rightie going right step outside-inside (power floater), going left finish off the left foot (cross-body).
    • First step - off the outside foot with the inside hand, or outside hand side-arm, scoop, dribble-thru reverse.
    • With contact - in the air (e.g. help defender in the restricted area), or on the ground with the dribble (nudge on the first step) or on the second step with a veer finish.up

Reid Ouse

  • Ballhandling Workout at Home
    • Punch (pound) dribble, punch-punch-pocket, punch-pocket-cross, punch-pocket-between
    • Punch-between (feet stationary)
    • Split to square series
      • split (scissor) between, square up, punch
      • same footwork, no punch dribbles, split between, float the ball, square up
    • Scissor burn-out - punch-scissor-scissor
    • Progressions - see #NoBasketNeeded playlist.
  • Sprint Through Shooting (Jared Berggren)
    • Start outside the top of the key in a split stance, spin the ball to an elbow, then explode into a catch and shoot, run through the ball (footwork is outside-inside-outside).
    • See Shooting - Triangle elbows.
  • Midline Finishing Series (Berggren)
    • Side jab (baseline), one dribble middle and skip off inside foot, outside-inside finish.
    • Same except skip to land on two (jump stop), can step thru, reverse pivot.
    • Skip, land inside-outside, transition fadeaway.up


  • Pro Scoring Progression
    • Double move to a drop stance:
      • cradle finish (Jordan layup)
      • Dirk (transition fade) or regular stepback
      • freeze 3-point shot (step up)
      • crossover to step-out (vs. stepback)
      • punch (same-foot) stepback
      • crossover to Dirk fade on the baseline.
  • Develop Elite Ball Quickness
    • 5 tight zig-zag cones, down and back two times,
      • pound cross
      • pound between
      • pound behind (under the butt, not a wrap)
      • pound cross-cross-between
      • cross-cross-wrap (no pound rhythm dribble)
      • cross-between-wrap
      • between-behind-wrap
      • See Dribbling - KP series.
    • 500 dribble moves
      • 50 pound dribbles with each hand
      • pound inside-out, 25 with each hand
      • inside-out, 25 with each hand
      • pound cross, 50 times
      • 50 crossovers
      • pound between (scissor), 50 times
      • 50 scissors
      • pound (in front) behind the back, 50 times
      • behind the back 50 times
  • Also see Dribbling - 3-cone crossover, Shooting - Thrive3 footwork.up

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