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Off-Season Workouts - YouTube drills

Annotated workout and drill videos, the playlist is Off-season drills. Also see At-Home Training.

Shooting Challenges


  • 7 Bradley Beal Shooting Drills (EGT)
    • Three-step pull-ups (split stance, inside foot then outside foot forward).
    • 5-spot combo - at each spot take two 3s, two pull-ups (left-right), one 3.
    • Short-longs - mid-range shot and a 3 from 7 spots.
    • Weave shooting - alternate elbow curls from under the basket.
    • Webster 20+1 - four 3s at 5 spots plus one 3 from five feet behind the arc.
    • 50 makes - make 10 3s from 5 spots, re-set to 0 on 3 misses in a row.
    • Baseline drifts - start on the wing, drift for a corner 3.
  • Curry Workout Off The Dribble (Coleman Ayers, By Any Means Basketball)
    • Curry uses a ton of wraps.
    • Continuous wrap behind shuffle (10 on each side), then in and out wrap shuffle.
    • Freestyle shot fakes off the dribble consecutive shot fakes and combos, be creative, change speeds, look at the rim.
    • Glide into shot fake, explode and decelerate, shot fake again crossover (counter shot fake, push out, finish on the other side).
    • Shooting
      • jab and cross stepback (one dribble)
      • in and out wrap 3s (2 dribbles, with a little shuffle to set the feet)
      • two-dribble inverted snatch (inverted drag)
      • throw the ball out in front with one dribble, catch and shoot
      • in and out wrap stepbacks (3 dribbles)
      • in and out wrap inverted snatch (3 dribbles)
      • behind the back glide behind the back snatch (2 dribbles).
    • See Shooting - Snake pull-ups.
  • Perfect Shooting Workout (Rocky)
    • Mikan drill, Reverse Mikan drill.
    • Runners (floaters) with both hands off one foot (opposite) and two feet; one dribble.
    • Elbow pull-ups alternate until you make 10 going each way.
    • Hesitation pull-ups 5 off each hand from midrange then from 3.
    • Stationary 3s make 10 from 5 spots; spin a pass in the air, not off the floor.
    • Off the move 3s (square-ups) shot pass off the floor, make 10 going each way, repeat on each wing if there is time.
    • Crossover shots e.g. Iverson, Hardaway, go both ways.
    • Stepbacks.
    • Free throws make 10.
    • See Shooting - Guard workout, Driveway shooting.
  • Workout For Point Guards (Rocky)
    • Dynamic warm-up including defensive slides.
    • One-hand and two-hand form shooting, 3 spots, make 5.
    • Stationary ballhandling with Curry combination (cross-cross-between-between-behind-behind, then 3x each).
    • Same on the move.
    • 5-spot shooting, mid-range and 3s, make 5.
    • Scoring moves drill approach the top of the key with a double move, elbow pull-ups, progression between-cross (Hardaway), between-behind.
    • Pick and rolls from both sides go around, split, fake and reject, shoot from behind (your defender goes under).
    • Iso moves cone at the top and on the wings, e.g. scissor, crossover, hesi pulls.
    • See Best Ballscreen Drill (below), Tactics - Hanlen ballscreens, Shooting - Sackmann ballscreens (e.g. snake, fake the snake).
  • Pro Scoring Progression (Thrive3)
    • Double move to a drop stance:
      • cradle finish (Jordan layup)
      • Dirk (transition fade) or regular stepback
      • freeze 3-point shot (step up)
      • crossover to step-out (vs. stepback)
      • punch (same-foot) stepback
      • crossover to Dirk fade on the baseline.
  • Shooting Workout (Dennis Stanton)
    • 5 spots (from both sides at the top), spin passes from under the basket.
    • Mid-range shots, mid-range pull-ups (jab-cross baseline), shot-fake pull-ups (crossover), 3-point shots.
    • See Shooting - Guard workout.up


a) Collin Castellaw (Shot Mechanics)

  • Filthy 45
    • 9 shots x 5 spots catch and shoot, downhill catch and shoot, backpedal catch and shoot, one-dribble pull-ups L-R, lateral shots L-R, jab-pullbacks L-R (one dribble)
  • Klay Thompson Catch and Shoot
    • Catch and shoot, jab right shoot, jab left shoot.
    • Crack-back 3s (two balls, shot pass square up then come back for a ball off a cone or chair).
    • X shooting (block to wing, shot pass, alternate sides, use reverse pivot hop, turning inside).
  • Partner Shooting Drills for Attacking Closeouts
    • On the closeout, a) shoot, b) shot fake, one-dribble pull-up, c) jab (at the top foot), shoot.
    • See Shooting - 5star pairs spot.
  • Curry Shooting Drills #2
    • Transition pull-ups, bring the ball up with the inside hand on each side of the floor,
      • in and out pull
      • drop cross hesi
      • lateral behind the back (kick step)
      • push cross to lateral space
      • yo-yo (cut) dribble to lateral pull-up
      • wrap stepback (extra dribble or not)
      • drop cross snatch back (behind the back pullback)
      • drop cross pullback (cross it back, scissor step i.e. foot replacement)
      • pop stop (drop cross, punch dribble, scissor feet).
    • See Shooting - Snake pull-ups.
  • Curry Shooting Drills #1
    • Catch and shoot (spin a pass in front).
    • Jab and shoot (both sides).
    • Pass fake outside, shoot.
    • Baby pump fake, shoot.
    • Extended jab (with dominant foot), shoot from there.
    • V-dribble (push-out and crossover) shoot.
    • Lateral space dribble (drop a dribble outside, kick step or cross-step to get it).
    • Step-backs (cross-step, one dribble).
  • 5 Shooting Drills by Yourself
    • Two-bounce spin-outs (start on baseline, bounce outside 3, alternate sides).
    • Behind the back midrange (dribble wing to wing with outside hand, go behind the back, shoot), see Shooting - Behind-the-back pull-ups.
    • Out-curl mid-range (bounce from baseline, curl outside, catch and shoot).
    • One-dribble pull-up series (wings, both sides) pull-up right-left, side-step 3 right-left.
    • Baseline sprint 3s corner to corner (long rebound, shoot where you get it).
  • 5-Minute Workout
    • Line shooting, free throws, hip-swivel pull-ups, drag pullbacks, jab 3s.up

b) Using screens

  • Best Ballscreen Drill for High-School Point Guards (Mike Lee)
    • Come off the screen, one-dribble pull-up (your defender goes over, drop coverage).
    • Against a show attached to the screener, it's like an inside-out dribble, jab, step out, ideally the inside foot gets around to seal him (then one dribble to a floater).
    • Split a separated show, sell over the top, plant and punch it through (push cross) right into a floater.
    • Re-screen - your defender goes under, 180 pivot by the screener, plant and change direction. (Variation - shoot from behind)
    • See Shooting - Sackmann ballscreens.
  • Wide pin-down series (Drew Hanlen)
    • Cutter starts in the corner, shot ready, sells a backdoor then curls shoulder to hip. Options
      • catch and shoot (e.g. a quick 1-2 or a hop, especially for a rightie turning right,
      • catch, throw it out, create separation into a one-dribble pull-up,
      • catch, attack downhill to the other side of the rim.
    • See Shooting - Wide pin-downs.
  • Wide pin-down series #1  (Delp)
    • Catch and shoot.
    • One-dribble nail jumper (can take an inside-hand dribble).
    • Downhill floater (off two feet).
    • Same-foot stop (two-dribble punch drag jumper, especially going to the strong hand).
  • Wide pindown series #2 (Delp)
    • Shot fake shot.
    • Shot fake rip back through (one-dribble pull-up where they came from, or finish at the rim).
    • Shot fake rip back through step back (one-dribble step-back towards the corner).
    • Shot Jordan pivot (catch, reverse pivot on the inside foot back towards the corner, one or two-dribble pull-up).up

c) Separation

  • Kemba Walker Stepbacks (Johnston)
    • Crossover with big cross-step, no extra dribble, step back.
    • Progression run with the ball (two more steps), take a dribble on the step back.
    • See Shooting - Snake pull-ups.
  • 4 Ways to Shoot a Step-back (Johnston)
    • Regular stepback (diagonally).
    • Extended stepback - use an in-and-out dribble to pull the ball, push off the inside foot to the outside foot, cross-step into an inside-outside shot (for a rightie going right, focus on turning the hips).
    • Hesi stepback - hang dribble into a stepback (turn dribble sidestep, touch stepback), also see Develop a nasty hesi.
    • Through the legs stepback - hard between the legs, jump back opposite (scissor stepback).
    • See Shooting - Angled pull-up.
  • 4 Hesitation Moves (Johnston)
    • 1-2 step hesi - drive, stop 1-2 (speed stop), rise up, inside-outside dribble and show shot, go by.
    • Hesi load-up - skip hesitation, blow by.
    • Stepback hesi - push off the inside foot, hesitate, push off the outside foot to attack (counter - crossover).
    • Step-back load-up - push off the inside foot, skip on the outside foot, land in a blow-by position (lateral bound).
    • See Shooting - Angled pull-up.
  • 3 Separation Moves (Drew Hanlen)
    • Same-foot stop or stepback - punch dribble, hop back to land on two.
    • Bump-off - nudge your defender with the inside shoulder while pound dribbling the ball, float (step outside, cross-step, pick up the ball, square up).
    • Behind the back pullback - drive downhill, lunge with the outside foot, pull back, hop (foot replacement); variation - pull back, cross-step into a 1-2.
    • See Shooting - Angled pull-up.
  • Skip Crossover Series (Dr. Dish)
    • Skip crossover (Iverson).
    • Skip crossover stepback (no extra dribble).
    • See Shooting - Snake pull-ups.
  • James Harden Under Drag Breakdown (Sackmann)
    • One-dribble under drag, foot replacement, shoot.
    • Move back, push cross to under drag.
  • Under Drag Progression (Lawley)
    • Left foot forward, catch with the left hand, go under the left leg, foot replacement (hop), shoot.
    • Catch in an open stance, turn dribble and step with the ballside foot, drag under, touch stepback (push off the lead foot, replace the inside foot, into a step back).
    • Catch, one-dribble cross-step drive (two steps), under drag, foot switch (hip swivel), step up and shoot (a hesi pull).up

d) Split Stance

  • 234 Split-Catch Shooting (Courtney Douglass)
    • Spin a pass, catch with split feet, from each wing make 3 shots in a row going right then left - finish at the rim, floater, one-dribble pull-up.
  • Drop Pull Shooting (Courtney Douglass)
    • Drop move, step in to shoot, 5 spots, make two from mid-range going right, then left, then one 3 going right then left.
  • Push Cross Workout (Sackmann)
    • Pound, push cross, pull it back to the pocket, push cross to a pull-up
    • One dribble (right hand), drop, step L-R, push cross, pull-up
  • Split Stance Series with Jordan Delp (Dr. Dish)
    • Split catch on the wing (inside foot back),
      • baseline pull-up (two dribbles)
      • show the ball to the baseline, step back and shoot (shimmy middle-baseline)
      • middle pull-up (shimmy middle-baseline)
      • one-dribble baseline pull-up (shimmy baseline-middle).
    • See Shooting - Angled pull-up, Sackmann pull-ups, also Wide pin-downs.
  • Advanced Shimmy Move (Sackmann)
    • Shimmy out of a split catch, progressions - push crossover; shimmy off a low crossover or step-thru between the legs (the ball hangs).
    • See Shooting - Sackmann pull-ups.
  • Sprint Through Shooting (Jared Berggren)
    • Start outside the top of the key in a split stance, spin the ball to an elbow, then explode into a catch and shoot, run through the ball (footwork is outside-inside-outside).
    • See Shooting - Thrive3 footwork (inside foot or hop on the move), Triangle elbows, Driveway shooting.up

e) Other shooting

  • 3 Individual Shooting Drills (Rocky)
    • Baseline 3s, 7-spot star shooting, square-up 3s from the top (spin the ball in the air).
  • Big-Step Shooting (Johnston)
    • Shoot elbow to elbow using only three steps, catch on the outside foot, 1-2 pivot to square up (progression - game speed).
  • Russell Westbrook Downhill Series (Lawley)
    • Start outside the top of the key, as a pass is coming straight out, sprint to meet it, catch and shoot with a wide base (a hop).
    • Catch outside the top of the key with one hand, push it across to the other hand with one dribble, attacking into a pull-up.up


  • Top 5 Finishing Moves (Razooky)
    • Contact under the rim (last step, veer)
    • Bump evade (bump on the dribble, one more step)
    • Spin move
    • Euro-step (between feet, over the top)
    • Pro hop (on two).
  • Score over Taller Defenders (Razooky)
    • Floaters
      • Right-hand finish going right
        • two-step floater (layup)
        • one-step (first step)
        • Euro-step
        • two-foot (outside-inside)
      • Going left - off the left foot (can bump defender).
  • Kyrie Irving Finishing Workout (Ayers)
    • Mikans - inside hand, wide hooks, cradles
    • Cuff and overhead dribbles
    • Two-foot change of direction (extension finish), cradles, inside hand, off-foot (outside hand and foot), all weak-hand.
  • Master the NBA Euro-step (Razooky)
    • Euro-step - step outside (towards your defender), sell a pass, step inside, take the ball overhead to protect it.
    • Swing step - first step crosses to the inside, protect the ball, next step attacks the downhill.
    • Dribble-jab Euro - dribble-jab inside then two steps to attack the rim, or just one step with the outside foot, or Euro-step.
    • Cross-jab Euro - crossover dribble inside-outside, dribble-jab Euro (see Giannis finishing move).
    • See Layups - Euro-step.
  • Finish Strong at the Rim (Razooky)
    • Veer step - slam ball and inside foot at the same time, pick up, ball on shoulder, one step forward, step into your defender (contact on the pickup), don't rock the ball.
    • Pound evasion (contact on the dribble) - pound and step inside at the same time, hit your defender, take one step (can take two) and finish (see Dribble-jab Euro above).
    • Jump stop - sideways into your defender, tuck the ball to your side.
    • Contact in the air - outside-inside power finish.
    • Jump on top of your defender - gather outside-inside, elevate diagonally, show the ball with both hands, bring it back to the shoulder and finish with the outside hand.
    • Also see Dribbling - Coach Rock cones, Layups - Relph cross-jab series
  • Four Finishes (DJ Sackmann)
  • 6 Reverse Layups (Lawley)
    • Show the ball with the outside hand off the outside foot, one more step, finish with the same hand on the other side.
    • Same show and step, finish with the inside hand.
    • Up and under - outside-inside power stop, show the ball in both hands, bring it down, finish with the inside hand (with no extra step).
    • Same power stop and up and under, outside-hand finish.
    • Show the ball with the outside hand off the inside foot, switch hands to finish on the other side (no extra step).
    • Dribble thru, finish with the outside hand off the outside foot [Nash].
  • Undersized Guards- Learn how to finish better at the rim (Lawley)
    • Floaters - dominant-hand only, for a rightie going right step outside-inside (power floater), going left finish off the left foot (cross-body).
    • First step - off the outside foot with the inside hand, or outside hand side-arm, scoop, dribble-thru reverse.
    • With contact - in the air (e.g. help defender in the restricted area), or on the ground with the dribble (nudge on the first step) or on the second step with a veer finish.
  • Midline Finishing Series (Berggren)
    • Side jab (baseline), one dribble middle and skip off inside foot, outside-inside finish.
    • Same except skip to land on two (jump stop), can step thru, reverse pivot.
    • Skip, land inside-outside, transition fadeaway.up

Ballhandling & Dribbling

See Fundamentals - Dribbling Series.

  • Cross-Between-Behind Progression (Lawley)
    • cross-cross-cross-between-behind
    • cross-between-between-between-behind
    • cross-between-behind-behind-behind
    • 20 seconds each
  • Stationary ballhandling with DJ Sackmann
    • v-dribble right to left (shift weight left) and back, hang it, continue, switch sides
    • add regular v-dribble first
    • v-dribble right to left and back and left and shift, wrap the right leg, continue
    • v-dribble right to left, shift weight, wrap the right leg, R-L behind the back, repeat other sideup
  • Speed & Height Changes At-Home Ballhandling (Ayers)
    • 5 high pounds, 5 low pounds.
    • Tap crosses, double-tap crosses.
    • 4 high 4 low crossovers, then between the legs, and behind the back.
    • In-and-out behind the back, rise up, show shot.
    • Triple combo, rise up, show shot.
    • Combo retreats - two retreat dribbles, rise up, triple combo, explode forward on the last move.
    • Rhythm double crosses - cross-step with a slow, high dribble, step back into a hard low double-cross, continue, change sides; progression - between the legs, cross.
    • Wrap, snatch-back (behind the back pullback), between the legs.
    • In-and-out reverse between the legs snatch (under pullback), behind the back, continue, switch legs.
    • 5 high 5 low freestyle.
    • See At-Home Training.
  • Rhythm & Speeds At-Home Ballhandling Workout (Ayers)
    • Cuff dribbles, cuff to pocket, add cross-between-behind triple combo.
    • Scissors between the legs, rise up and bring feet together between dribbles.
    • Two scissors, rise up.
    • Continuous scissors.
    • Two high dribbles behind the back, then two low dribbles.
    • Freestyle - any moves, two high, two low.
    • Double move to snatch - two between the legs, explode to an inverted drag pullback.
    • Lateral in-and-out wraps, add a triple combo.
    • Double wrap to snatch - behind-wrap to a cross drag pullback.
    • Between-cross, drop low on the crossover.
    • Freestyle.
    • See At-Home Training.
  • Ballhandling Workout at Home (Reid Ouse)
    • Punch (pound) dribble, punch-punch-pocket, punch-pocket-cross, punch-pocket-between
    • Punch-between (feet stationary)
    • Split to square series
      • split (scissor) between, square up, punch
      • same footwork, no punch dribbles, split between, float the ball, square up
    • Scissor burn-out - punch-scissor-scissor
    • Progressions - see #NoBasketNeeded playlist, At-Home Training.
  • 3 daily dribbling drills (EGT)
    • rhythm east-west shifting
      • nail one foot to the floor, cross and shift, cross back, inverted step and pound, step back, repeat (see Speed & height changes, above)
      • double cross to inverted drag, repeat going side to side
    • "salsa" dribbling - slow to fast, high to low
    • cross-between series
      • between-under (double take)
      • between-cross (low on between, rise up)
      • alternate between-under, between-cross
      • cross between under
  • Killer 5-Minute Ballhandling Workout (PGC)
    • Circle dibbles (2-dribble reverse leg wraps).
    • Tappers (between tap behind tap under).
    • Kobe kicks (scissors).
    • Get-backs (behind the back retreat).
  • Crafty Ballhandling (Johnston)
  • Mastering the Crossover (Castellaw)
  • Develop Elite Ball Quickness (Thrive3)
    • 5 tight zig-zag cones, down and back two times,
      • cross pound
      • between pound
      • behind pound (under the butt, not a wrap)
      • cross-cross-between pound
      • cross-cross-wrap (no pound rhythm dribble)
      • cross-between-wrap
      • between-behind-wrap
      • See Dribbling - KP series, Speed course.
    • 500 dribble moves
      • 50 pound dribbles with each hand
      • pound inside-out, 25 with each hand
      • inside-out, 25 with each hand
      • pound cross, 50 times
      • 50 crossovers
      • pound between (scissor), 50 times
      • 50 scissors
      • pound (in front) behind the back, 50 times
      • behind the back 50 times
    • Also see Dribbling - 3-cone crossover, Shooting - Thrive3 footwork.
  • Weave Drill (Johnston)
    • Weave through 4 cones in a tight line out top (with a cone on each elbow) finish with a pull-up shot, progression
      • pound-pound-cross (any change of direction move)
      • pound-cross
      • repeat (continuous) cross.
    • See Dribbling - Tony Watson series (Chris Paul fullcourt)
  • Hip Swivel Moves (Johnston)
    • Load-up move - skip hesitation into a blow-by position (split or drop stance).
    • Hip-swivel - out of a triple threat or live dribble closed stance, pound dribble into the pocket, swivel the hips into the load-up position.
    • Counter - crossover.
    • See Shooting - Drop series.
  • 4 Moves to Protect the Ball (Johnston)
    • Attack an elbow from the top of the key, retreat dribble back, hip switch, attack the elbow again, continue, switch elbows.
  • Scissors Ladder (Johnston)
    • 10 scissor dribbles, stand up and hesitate, repeat with 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 dribbles.up

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