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Augie Johnston
See Better Ball Handling (pdf), with video links.

a) Cone dribbling

Use one flat cone (or a line), do 50 of each,

- right-hand dribble side to side (E-W, shown)
- repeat with the left hand
- right-hand front to back (N-S)
- repeat left-hand
- plus sign - right-hand clockwise around the cone (N-E-S-W)
- repeat left hand.


- use 3 cones in a row to increase the distance
- use two balls at the same time, with two cones about 2-3 feet apart.

2) Lateral double crossovers

Create lateral space to shoot or drive, if your defender closes that space, cross back over and blow by.

Use two cones about 4 feet apart, start in front of the cone on the right, do 10 then switch sides.

a) through the legs, hesitate, crossover - go between the legs right to left, hesitate (hop off the left foot, shuffle right-left), get the left foot outside the left cone, crossover left to right back to the first cone (use a left-over-right crossover step), re-set (you can take a pound dribble), repeat

b) switch hands (Steve Nash), hesitate, crossover

c) behind the back, hesitate, crossover.
Variation - in-and-out, float out, cross, see YouTube video - Crossover dribbling drills.
See Dribbling - Calipari warm-up (combo killers), Procopio ballhandling, KP series.

3) Precision

Use 8 flat cones to make a square with a hole in the middle, do 20 of each,

- right-hand dribble out-in (outside the right side of the square)
- left-hand out-in (outside on the left)
- right-hand out-in-out (side to side, right-in-left)
- left-hand out-in-out (left-in-right)
- right-hand out-in (outside the bottom)
- left-hand out-in (outside the bottom)
- right-hand out-in-out (outside the top, inside, outside the bottom)
- left-hand out-in-out (top, inside, bottom).

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