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Post play
Post moves and shots

Post moves from the low post, extended post and short corner, high post.

See Skills checklist - Post play & rebounding,
YouTube playlist Post play, Post play - Ganon Baker big fella moves.

1) Low post

a) Drop step
- post shot - drop step (baseline, middle), baby hook
- power move - one-dribble baseline drop step, front pivot, shoot off both feet
- drop and hop - one-dribble drop step, hop to a jump stop
- wheel move - power move then post shot
- Kiki move - drop step, one-dribble, step back, shoot
- Kiki and go - step back, drive

See Post play - Pete Newell post moves, 5star inside shots, 5star post moves.

b) Jump hook
- pound hook - no dribble, front pivot baseline or middle (option - catch in a drop step, front pivot)
- power move - one-dribble middle drop step (a one-two stop)
- drop and hop
- counters - step through (up and under), reverse pivot (post shot), step across (Kevin McCleery)
- third move - forward pivot back.

See Post play - Ganon Baker form hook shots, Danny Manning (no-dribble jump hook).

c) Turnaround shot
- strong side, strong shoulder
- fake opposite - shoulder fake, drop-step fake
- bank shot - pivot baseline
- step-through counter (option - one dribble).

See Post play - 5star post flash, Duke low-post moves, Danny Manning (right-shoulder turnaround).

d) Sikma - reverse pivot on the baseline foot, shoot, sweep to attack baseline, jab and crossover to attack middle.

See Post play - Kevin McCleery, Pasquali moves and shots.

e) Spin move - forward pivot on the baseline foot (option - no dribble)

See Post play - Dino Radja, Pasquali moves and shots, Hanlen.

Don Kelbick - every pivot has a counter, a) front pivot - counter is a step through [step-across is a step-through counter], b) drop step - counter is an inside (reverse) pivot; c) inside pivot - counter is a sweep move [crossover is a sweep move counter].up

2) Extended post (off the block)

a) Back-in dribble - attack middle with the baseline hand into a running hook, jump hook (one-two or jump stop), jump shot, drop step & spin, half spin (with counters).

See Post play - Post dribble moves, Ganon Baker lane dribbling, Hanlen.

b) Sikma series - see above, and Post play - Duke extended post shots, Florida off the block, Danny Manning (off the block).

3) Short corner

- 21 position, butt to the baseline
- Sikma series - outside-foot reverse pivot
- inside-foot front pivot - shoot, attack with the baseline hand, Nash pivot - another front pivot into a fadeaway.

See Post play - Calipari close crab score, Ganon Baker big fella moves, Hanlen.up

4) High post

a) Drop step series - reverse pivot on the inside (baseline) foot, drop step (jab) with the other foot
- Paul Pierce - spin on the jab foot, attack the basket (defender is overextended)
- square up (reverse pivot), shoot
- sweep
- jab and crossover
- drop and hop
- spin (counter) - drop-step or shoulder fake, spin on the other foot.

See Post play - Pete Newell post moves, Ganon Baker big fella moves, Shooting - Mike Procopio wing.

b) Front pivot on the inside (baseline) foot
- shoot, jab and go, jab and crossover
- cheat step option- inside pivot foot, but step out with the other foot for balance, then forward pivot to square up.

See Post play - Danny Manning (flash high), Sweep from flash, Shooting - Bill Self perimeter, Pull-thru.

c) Sikma series - reverse pivot on the outside foot, shoot, sweep, jab and cross.

Jay Wright - post players reverse pivot on the outside foot on a pass to the outside hand.

Ettore Messina - catching the ball in the high post facing away from the basket, reverse pivot to see the entire floor, front pivoting does not allow you to see as much.

See Post play - 5star post flash, Footwork - Jay Wright jab-swing series, also Shooting - Procopio game shots.up

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