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Post play
Sweep from flash


Post drills
On the catch, 4 squares up off the inside leg, then sweeps and goes to the basket (inside, or step-through crossover outside).
(Variation - shoot)
D'Antoni, Gentry and Iavaroni (NBA Coaches Playbook) - pinch-post series (work both sides) - after passing,
- coach cuts outside around 4, who fakes a hand-back then drives inside to the basket, or turns and shoots,
- coach keeps going to the corner, 4 makes a dribble hand-off then rolls for a return pass,
- 4 makes a hand-back to coach, who dribbles toward the baseline, 4 ballscreens then rolls to the basket or pops to the short corner for a jump shot.
See Post play - High posts, Shooting - Procopio game shots, Eastman quick square-ups, also Fast breaks - Spurs 2007 (two-man game).

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