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Post play
Florida off the block

Billy Donovan

Work on off-the-block post-ups when you don't catch the ball close enough to the basket. Players have to be just as effective if they get pushed off the block - reverse pivot, face up, back their way down and make a move, or force a double team and get someone else a shot.

Starting opposite coach (or a tossback) with the ball in your right hand, make an inside-out crossover move, pass to coach with both hands, cross the lane, post up for a return pass, inside pivot (on this side reverse pivot on the right foot), jump shot.


- inside-out between the legs, inside pivot, shot fake, one hard dribble middle (right hand), jump hook

- inside-out behind the back, inside pivot, shot fake, two dribbles middle, come back with a little lefty hook (spin baseline), or a turnaround jump shot off the glass.

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