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Post play
Ganon Baker big fella moves

Ganon Baker


Master three moves,
- a go-to move, e.g., jump hook
- a counter (second pivot) - up and under, reverse pivot
- something else, e.g., spin fadeaway (then a second pivot off that)

- post on the "kill spot" in the lane, then out on the first hash mark above the block, leaving room for a baseline cutter
- feet are your balance, shoulder width apart, 10 toes to the passer
- feet get you open, e.g., step across your defender if denied
- sit on your defender's legs
- show one or both hands
- elbow to armpit if the defender's arm is up
- catch, chest, check
- post on the move - fake high go low if he's high, fake low go high if he's low; go right at his chest, make contact, leg to his crotch
- leg whip
- swim stroke - knock the defender's inside arm forward with your inside arm, go behind
- duck under - knock his arm back, go in front.

Tim Duncan low-post series

Confrontational, not separational. Catch on two feet,

- drop step - fake one way with the ball, at the same time drop step the other foot, one dribble, forward pivot to bring the feet closer together
- if you catch in the drop step position, you don't need a dribble
- pound hook - forward pivot, jump hook, no dribble
- jump hook off pound dribble - drop step, one dribble, forward pivot, jump hook
- or two dribbles into a one-two stop, jump hook
- counter - shot fake with two hands (inside elbow out, keep the ball high), up and under (defender's hands are up).

Kevin Garnett mid-post series


- meet the pass - ball in the air, feet in the air, jump stop; or step out with one foot
- defender plays off - pivot and shoot
- defender tight - catch and sweep high/low opposite his hands
- attack the top foot if there is one, change his stance
- if he gives you right (or left), take it
- jab, shoot
- fake one way, go the other (jab-crossover.

The passer relocates to create space.

Toss out and catch drill - spin a pass, don't go until the ball hits the floor, make any putback.

Paul Pierce high-post series

Your defender is overextended high side,

- catch and go - drop step, reverse pivot on the inside foot, attack the basket
- catch and jab - drop step, jab, shoot
- catch and fake - jab and crossover. or catch and sweep
- catch, jab, shot fake, go (rocker step).

Amare Stoudemire short-corner series

Go to the short corner from the low post if a guard dribbles (middle) at you, or cut from the weakside behind your defender, read the back of his head. Moves are

- shoot
- shot fake, go
- two fakes and go or shoot (jab, shot fake)
- forward pivot on the inside foot, seal and shoot
- forward pivot, shot fake, reverse layup other side
- Nash pivot - forward pivot, jab, forward pivot again into fadeaway.

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