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Post play
Kevin McCleery

On a low-post catch on either side, former Carleton Raven Kevin McCleery likes to turn and face the basket using a reverse pivot on his right foot (a Sikma move), and attack with a right-hand dribble. He prefers to post on the left side in order to dribble middle. This can also be done with a middle drop step (left foot), but with a Sikma move the options are:

- shoot
- sweep baseline (a quick move)
- attack middle (a crossover step), spin baseline
- attack middle, jump hook
- attack middle, hesitate to sell a jump hook, use another dribble to finish on the right side of the basket
- attack middle, counter the jump hook with a step-through (left-hand finish off the right foot)
- if the defender takes away the step-through, step across to finish on the right side of the basket with the right hand (again off the right foot).

A reverse pivot is another jump hook counter, but he prefers a step-through because you keep vision.

He will use two-hand crab-dribble power move if he is by the defender's shoulder on a catch.

On dribble penetration from the top, help comes from a weakside post defender. The post attacker is in a 21 position, his options are

- forward pivot on the inside foot, attack the basket with no dribble, here a left-hand layup off the right foot (his defender is late recovering)
- forward pivot, dribble with the baseline hand (here the left hand) for a power move facing the backboard, protect the ball with your body (the defender recovers)
- reverse pivot on the outside foot, shoot.

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