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Ganon Baker form hook shots

Ganon Baker

Jump hook shot - without balls, players face away from the basket ("stance"), forward pivot 90 degrees on the left foot ("left"), plant the right foot beside the left, jump off both feet and shoot a jump hook with the right hand, chin on shoulder, hold the release ("jump" or "shot").

Hook shot - for a running hook, don't plant the right foot, the right knee comes up to the chest on the shot.

Repeat with the left hand, then work up to game speed, coach says only "left" or "right" (use a jump stop for a choice of pivot foot).

If the jump hook isn't there, the counter is a shot fake (use two hands, inside elbow out, keep the ball high), step through, up and under. The sequence is stance, 1 (pivot and plant), 2 (shot fake, can repeat), 3 (step through), 4 (shot), then stance-explode for a game-speed sequence.

If you don't like the step-through, a third move is to forward pivot back to the original position - coach calls stance, 1 (pivot), 2 (shot fake), 3 (step through), 4 (come back).

Big Fella Workouts - add a fake dribble - step left (right), dribble, forward pivot, jump hook.

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