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Steve Alford shoot for record

Steve Alford

A shooting ladder with three players at each basket. At the championship basket the loser rotates and the other two players stay, at the other baskets only the winner rotates. With a passer and rebounder, each player moves around the horn and back taking 10 shots, change shooters, then change shots for a total of 30 shots. The shot progression is

- shoot inside the arc with no dribble
- shot fake, one-dribble pull-up
- all 3s (or closer for bigs).

Players have to make 20 out of 30 at the championship basket.

Right-handers use a left pivot foot on a catch and off the dribble, see Shooting - Steve Alford.

(Variation - winners move up and losers move down except at the top and bottom baskets where only one player rotates)

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