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Frankston spin-outs

Frankston Blues

A footwork series to develop shooting skills, also see Frankston step-up and curl-cut shooting, and the Ganon Baker jump-stop series in Footwork.

When shooting on the move, the footwork should be the same off the dribble or the catch, plant the inside foot first, pivot on it, bring the outside foot around to square up to the hoop.

a) Baker square-ups

Facing away from the basket, spin out a ball, catch in a jump stop, pivot on the foot coach announces, shoot (without a coach, alternate pivot feet).


- repeat at 45 degrees on each wing
- spin the ball beyond the 3-point line, shot fake into a one-dribble pull-up (see one-dribble moves below).
See Shooting - Eastman quick square-ups.

b) Catch and shoot spin-outs

Work on inside-foot shooting. From the baseline, spin a ball out to the block, follow, catch and shoot. Emphasize

- hands and hips ready - shooting wrist bent back, guide hand on the side, knees bent with hips low to the ground before the catch
- turn into the catch - dip the inside shoulder before you catch, and banana the cut
- pivot in one smooth motion to the basket and build to shooting through the set point.

Option - shoot bank shots.

Progression - pass to a coach out top and cut for a return pass at the block.

(Variation - for a jump stop, hop pivot off the inside foot, jump behind the ball, land facing the basket, lower your knees just before the catch, extend upward on the catch, catch and shoot in one motion)

Lane spin-outs - from in the lane with shoulders facing a sideline, spin a ball to the middle, catch, shoot, rebound and spin it from the other side for the next shot.

c) 3-point line spin-outs

Work along the 3-point line using an inside-foot pivot (go both directions). Catch it down, face the basket with perfect feet.

d) Spin-out one-dribble moves

Spin a ball from the baseline, catch and face with an inside pivot before dribbling (eyes on the rim, stay low until shooting), make a one-dribble move and shoot. Use a 3-step move for an onside (direct) drive to the middle (i.e., R-L-R from the left wing, with a left pivot foot), and a 2-step move for a crossover drive baseline (R-L from the left wing).

Progression - add a shot fake.

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