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Halfcourt drives


Solo or group workouts (players start in one or two corners).

TJ Jones

a) Cone attack

Start in the left corner, dribble around the cone the left hand, finish with a layup, from the other corner, dribble around the cone with left hand, make a change of direction move at the second cone, finish with a layup.

See Dribbling - Dribble and shoot, Shooting - Florida dribble series.

b) NBA drives

Cones (or defenders or chairs) at the 28-foot mark and elbow, make a change of direction move at each cone, finish with a layup, coach challenges.

See Basket attacks, below.

Variation - make a change of direction move at the first cone, then a pull-up jump shot at the foul line.

See Dribbling - Tom Crean cone drill , Chair drill, Shooting - 5star shots off the dribble.

Tim Springer

a) Cone line to attack elbows

Put a line of 3 or more cones on each sideline, go through with a one-dribble to change-of-direction pattern, turn the corner at the last cone, attack the elbow with a change of direction into a layup, repeat on the other side. Layup angles are glass, front of the rim, and reverse layup.

A cone line can also be used for inside-out moves or a weave with one hand (right or left).

b) Zig-zag to score

Use zig-zag cones on each side, start on the lane line, make a change of direction at each cone, curl around the last cone at halfcourt, attack a cone at the top of the key with an inside-out move to score.

c) Fast break attack moves

Drive hard to the elbow with attack moves (hesitation, stutter step, change of direction, pull-up jumper), return to halfcourt using zig-zag cones on the other side.

Zig-zag cones or a cone line can be put in the middle of the floor, go through the cones then score at the basket.

See Dribbling - Halfcourt moves, Kevin O'Neill moves.

d) Attack to pass

1 makes a change of direction move and passes to 2 for a score. Players switch sides.

e) Basket attacks

Start with the inside hand, make a change-of-direction move at each cone.

See Dribbling - 5star workout, Layups - Primary-secondary moves.
Taylor Allan - doubles drill - put two chairs on the wing about 5 feet apart on an angle, make a move on each chair, alternate finishing with a pull-up, floater, and at the rim.

f) Attacking help defence

Attack the first cone, use different finish moves against help defence (a second cone), e.g., floater, pull-up jump shot, step-through.

See Dribbling - 5star triple b, Shooting - 5star finishing.

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