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Fill cuts

2 passes to 1 cutting across for a shot. 1 rebounds and goes to the other line with the ball. 2 is the next shooter, cutting for a pass from 4. For other options see Shooting - Jumper 5, 5star on the move (e.g., reverse dribble into a layup, one-dribble pull-ups), also Tom Crean fill cuts, Pitt sweep series, Layups - Kiwi-cutting, Post play - Double cuts.

- balls in one line only
- coach stands under the basket, one arm up means shoot, pointing to the floor on one side means drive that side
- coach stands below the foul line, shoot if coach steps back, or if coach has one foot forward, drive that side
- replace coach with a defender, go live (shooter can cut backdoor).

See Dribbling - Chair drill, Make-a-move, Pasquali reaction (option d).
Ian MacKinnon - four players use two balls, work on a sweep series.
Chris Mooney - three balls on one side, players from the other line shoot 3s from the top of the key.

To get shots off more quickly, cutters should not get in the way of the next cutter or the next passer. Here there is a line of players low on one side, perimeter players there can pretend to use a screen and fade, curl or pop for a pass, post players can make an inside move or turnaround shot, or get a pass at the short corner or high post.

See Shooting - Jenkins fill cuts, 5star foul-line flash, Post play - 5star post flash.

Kevin Bellamy - one line comes high (e.g., using a staggered screen), the other line drifts to the corner. One team at each basket, score 2 points for a make beyond the three-point line and 1 point inside, first team to 15 points.

Put one line in the corner and the other up top. Options include catch and shoot, drive middle or baseline for a layup or pull-up, with a sweep, shot fake or jab step. See Shooting - 2 line make 7, Pop-out.

If the top line is in the middle, the players can go over the top for the shot or under for a curl-in jumper or post-up.

Bob Hurley - 2 wide shooting - use 5 balls, corner players blast cut for a catch and shoot, players at the top of the key step toward the wing then flash backdoor for a pass. Rebound your own shot and dribble out to the other line (where the pass came from).

Putting players in one corner and the opposite wing can be used to shoot off ballcuts from the weakside, or zone attack post x-cuts (see post hoop cuts). Also see Shooting - 6-spot, Pistons bust-up.

When players are on both sides of the floor, players go to either side of the passing line to get different shots.

Put one line near the basket to work on square-up or high-post shooting (or they can move out to the short corner for a pass, or L-cut for a pass on the wing). Note that if 3 did not move to get a pass, he would partly block 2's passing angle.
See Shooting - Quick square-ups, 6-spot, Post play - Sweep from flash, High posts.

Here there are lines on both wings, players cut to the corner for a skip pass.

See Shooting - Team skip pass.

Lines in both corners, players cut to the wings.

Flarescreen shooting, lines in both slots.

Bring the lines out to halfcourt to work on transition shooting (optionally cutters cross for passes, see Shooting - 5star X, Layups - Kiwi cutting).

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