Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Dave Smart beat the pro


Score 1 point for a make, minus 2 points for a miss, play to plus 10 or minus 10, move back on plus 10, stay on minus 10. Stay with it until you make it through.

a) one-hand shooting

Start 3 feet in front of the rim, move back halfway to the foul line, then to the foul line.

b) two-hand shooting (with guide hand)

Start 3 feet in front of the foul line, then foul line, between foul line and arc, behind arc.

- balance and follow-through
- finger pads on the ball, not the palm
- shoot out of a telephone booth, 60 degrees
- power from the legs
- index finger in the middle of the basket
- T with the thumbs.

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