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Post play
Pitt post series

Jamie Dixon

Pass to coach, cut to the ballside second marker for a pass. Make each move once then switch sides. Make any putback. Progression:

- jump stop, catch and chin, locate middle (no shot)
- power move baseline (low crab dribble)
- power move middle, jump hook
- no dribble, forward pivot baseline, shot fake, step through middle
- no dribble, forward pivot middle, shot fake, step through baseline
- one dribble middle, spin baseline
- one dribble baseline, spin middle
- reverse pivot (left then right foot), shoot
- reverse pivot, shot fake, shoot
- reverse pivot, shot fake, one dribble to the basket
- cut to the ballside elbow, inside pivot, shoot.
coachesclipboard.ca - flash hard from weakside, call "ball", moves are jump hook, drop step, turn-around jumper, up and under.

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