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Post play
With defender

Larry Dean Jackson

Four or more players. 5 is defended by X6, gets a pass from 4 and shoots off a post move. 4 is the next shooter, 5 defends, X6 goes to the passing line (attack, defend, off).

Move options include

- spin on the bottom foot finishing with a left-hand reverse layup, using the basket to help protect the ball
- forward pivot on the foot away from the defender for a shot (bank shot when pivoting baseline)
- up and under [counter, can one-dribble step-through]
- drop-step power move [defender takes away middle]


- X6 defends from the bottom, behind, or in front
- the defender goes 50% to 75%
- 100% defence, but coach instructs the defender and/or attacker
- the defender allows the pass and move but contests the shot
- 1 on 1 live.



- step out to the extended post or short corner, shoot or drive
- flash from the weakside.

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