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Post play
5star five moves

Evan Pickman

Two balls. 4 and 6 come up from the baseline, post up low and wide, jump stop to meet a pass (bounce or little lob), locate the defence, both make a post move in the same direction, going left to start (4 goes baseline, 6 goes middle), then right.

Rotation is counter-clockwise, 1 follows his pass, 4 rebounds, passes to 2, and goes behind 5, 6 rebounds, passes to 8 and goes behind, 7 goes behind 2 (i.e., pass-pass-shoot-shoot).

Shot progression

1) spin (forward pivot), face, jump shot - stay low while you spin (low to high), don't fadeaway
2) drop step (a big step to the rim), sweep the ball low, then power dribble, finish with the left hand going left (and right going right), use the backboard going baseline
3) drop step fake (a short quick jab step, bring the ball low), spin (stay low), shoot
4) drop step, power dribble, jump hook
5) drop step fake, spin, shot fake, step through up and under (two fakes).

The Sikma move (reverse pivot) is also fine.

3 and 5 shoot next, here they both go right on their move.

Use the backboard if you have a good angle.

The jump hook is the best move you can have. Shoulders are 90 degrees to the rim, don't open up to face the basket.

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