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Zone offence
1-3-1 basics


See Zone offences - Geno Auriemma, Dave Odom 1-3-1.

The best shooters should be on the wings. 5 goes short corner to short corner, 4 has the high post, 1 and 4 should not be in a tandem.

On a pass to the wing, make a return pass to 1 if a top defender plays the ball (shown), but also look into the high post.

With the ball on the wing, it is more effective for 4 to play at the ballside elbow than the middle of the foul line, e.g. to create space for 1 to penetrate from the top, and to post against X2 recovering on the pass to 1 (seal X2 outside).

Variation - 1-2-3-4 hot-potato passing, 4 is stationary, 5 moves block-to-block.

Canada Basketball Technical Manual - 4 looks to seal one of the top defenders creating a seam, and should not start in the middle of the floor as it takes away the drive line for 1.

Coach Daniel - on the pass to 3, 1 can cut and 2 fills, or 1 and 2 exchange, or 2 flarescreens for 1.

If a bottom defender comes out on the ball, look to pass to 5 (if she is ballside) or drive baseline (if 5 is weakside), or pass fake to 5 and hit 4.

4 and 5 are partners (buddies), when one gets the ball the other goes to the basket, so 4 dives on the pass to 5.

Against an aggressive zone defence, look to move the ball, 1 and 5 get ballside to provide support (shown).

Kermit Davis - use a 1-3-1 against a trapping 1-3-1 zone defence.
Coach Daniel - 5 is about one dribble from the basket.
Kirby Schepp - put your best player in the high post or the short corner. On a pass to 5, he looks for his buddy then opposite where he got it - on a 5-3 (or 5-1) pass, 4 goes short corner, 5 becomes the high post.

See Zone offence - Kermit Davis vs 1-3-1.

1 can space away against a passive zone, reverse the ball through 4 or by skip pass.

Option - 4 can screen for 2, then 1 spaces away.

See Zone set plays - Florida ballscreens 3s, Zone offences - Kermit Davis four high, Geno Auriemma.

Syracuse - a good play is to screen X2, 1 drives (5 comes under).

4 can also screen X2 for a skip pass to 3.
Coach Daniel - the high post screens in the flow of the offence to the outside of a guard defender, have an attacker in the corner (here 3) or the defensive forward can come up.
Chris Oliver - to create a 2-on-1 advantage, use a wing ballscreen or a top pin screen on the weakside top defender, see YouTube videos How to Create 2-on-1 vs a Zone Defence, Pin and Pop.

See Zone set plays - Izzo arm chop, Defence - Syracuse 2-3, Zone offence - Syracuse vs 2-3.up

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