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Zone offence
Pitt 3-out 2-in

Jamie Dixon

1 passes to 2 and cuts weakside behind the defence, 3 replaces 1 but not exactly the same spot. 4 flashes directly to the ball looking for a catch then face (baseline pivot), 5 moves out to the short corner. If the defence takes away the high post, the short corner will be open.

On a pass from 2 to 5 (usually a bounce pass), 4 would dive to the other side of the rim.

On a pass to 4 at the high post, 5 would get to the basket, 1 and 3 space weakside. 4 would look for a shot (or 6-inch shot fake), partner 5 inside (or 6-inch pass fake), then an overhead pass to 3 (not back same side).

Perimeter movement creates opportunities for penetration.

3, 4, and 5 rebound every time.

On a pass to 3, he looks for the high post. On the pass to 1, 4 cuts to the short corner, trying to go behind a middle defender, 5 flashes to the high post/elbow area (X-action).

Pitt used to keep 5 down but now wants the high post filled every time.

4 looks to seal a defender on ball reversal.

Get an inside touch (pass or penetration) before shooting against a zone.

The bigs follow the ball on a skip pass, no x-action. 2 cuts as if he had passed the ball.

On a pass from the top, the cutter can optionally go to the ballside corner, 3 fills.
Mike MacKay - 1 cuts to the ballside corner if a bottom defender guards 2, or cuts away if a top defender guards 2, who looks to reverse the ball.

On a pass to 3, 2 cuts to the other wing and 1 replaces. They want to fill the top and the wings (but not exactly). A pass to the corner is for a shot.
Bill Self - the player who passes up (here 2) is the cutter.
China, Blue - 1 cuts to the other wing, 2 cuts to the other corner (double cut).
Blue - 2 cuts to the other wing on a pass to the corner, 1 dribbles out.
Mike MacKay - after passing to the corner, it's good to cut weakside if the defence tries to bump. 3 replaces 2.

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