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Zone set plays
Florida ballscreen 3s

Billy Donovan

A three-point shot for 2.

1 dribble pushes 2 through.
For other entries, see Zone offences - Geno Auriemma, Wichita State.
Mads Olesen - Fresno Push dribble-drive zone offence - entries from a 4-out set with weakside post,
- 1 dribble pushes 2, swings it to 4
- push fist - 1 dribble pushes 2, 4 ballscreens for 1
- push pass - 1 passes to 2 and runs through as the shooter
- push kickback - 1-4 kickback, 4 dribble pushes 2.
See Zone offence - Duke runner basics, Zone set play - Calipari.
Chris Oliver - use a wing ballscreen (or top pin screen) to create a 2-on-1 advantage, see YouTube video How to Create 2-on-1 vs a Zone Defence, also Pin and pop.

4 ballscreens for 1, the zone defenders switch it, bottom defender X4 comes out on the pass to 3, 5 screens middle defender X5 for a pass to 2.

If there is no pass to 2 because X5 goes over top of 5, 5 sprints under the rim for a pass.
(Against an even-front or odd-front zone, 5 looks to pin screen the defender going out to the corner, then seal and post the next baseline defender)
Zak Boisvert - if the two top defenders switch you want to overload the weakside creating a 2-on-1 advantage, a baseline runner moving in the direction of the ball can be very effective (see YouTube video - How to use side ballscreens to beat a 2-3 zone).
- Fresno push - instead of screening, 5 steps early into the key to occupy X5. If X5 does get out to 2, 5 is usually open. If X5 cheats outside, 5 should be open for a pass from 3 (pass fake to the corner first).
- 40-50 series set plays - against even-front or odd-front zones, 5 cuts across the key to screen the low defender (here X3), 4 cuts hard to the front of the rim. It's possible to have 5 screen the corner defender for 2 then look to screen the next defender for 4.
See Zone offences - Kermit Davis four high (against a 1-2-2 or 3-2), Bauer, Zone set plays - Bill Self (play 3), Auriemma vs 1-2-2, Calipari.

If 2 has no shot, he passes back to 3 and runs the baseline, 1 goes away, 4 ballscreens for 3, 5 loops under to the block, 3 passes to 1 who can pass to 2 or 5.

This can be run as a continuity (see Zone offences - Atkins high, Kermit Davis four high).

Villanova - ballscreens are highly effective against a zone, especially with shooters - it's a naked ballscreen, there is no hedge, think one dribble and shot.


If they know that X1 will fight over the ballscreen to keep X2 home on 3, the counter is to reverse the play. 5 starts on the other block, 2 stops when he gets to 5.
Olesen - if 1 is picked up by bottom defender X3, flow into the Fresno 2-game, 2 goes to the short corner, 5 flashes to the ballside mid post into a 1-3-1 set, see Zone offence - Dave Odom 1-3-1. The 2-game is a secondary zone offence, run when the bottom of a zone matches up well with Fresno Push.

When X1 fights over the screen, 4 pops to the wing for a dribble throw-back, 5 screens in for 2 to go to the corner for a pass from 4.
Boisvert - flood the strongside where the ball came from, screener 4 rolls and 5 replaces, or 4 pops, there is no screen for 2. It's a numbering game, on which side is the bottom defender exposed.
- also reverse the play if X3 picks up 1
- can also reverse the play against a 1-2-2 if a wing defender picks up 1.
See Zone set play - Monroe. Izzo arm chop (Chris Oliver - Pin and pop).

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