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Zone offence

Dave Arseneault

There is an adage that the best way to beat a zone is to be patient, but Grinnell doesn't want to be patient. Their solution is to use more mid-range shots, rather than just 3's and layups.

For a quick-hitting series, they put their best athlete, decision-maker, finisher at the foul line, get him the ball early in the clock and let him go, he can do whatever. They spread the floor, pass around the perimeter until there is a shot, or an easy pass to the high post, then the offence ends there, he is going to make something happen.
See Zone offences - Dave Odom 1-3-1, Geno Auriemma.

If he can't get the ball after one reversal from side to side, he will probably step out of the high post and the low post will replace him (shown), or they have an open set and rely more on dribble penetration.

Options for 5 on 0 zone-attack practice:

a) all players must touch the ball before a shot, or
b) once the ball gets to the high post, finish from there, but rebound a miss and take another shot (from 3).
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