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Zone offence
Kermit Davis vs 1-3-1

Kermit Davis

See Kermit Davis zone motion.

1) Rotation

A simple continuity offence against a stationary, non-trapping 1-3-1, 10 minutes to put it in.

Soft spots of a 1-3-1 are the opposite post and opposite corner. 5 is posting ballside above the block, 4 puts pressure on the basket. Start the offence with a pass to 2 or a skip pass to 3 if the weakside wing gets too deep, 4 is always trying to block in.

Rotation starts when the ball is reversed to 1. 5 screens in for 4, who comes off to about 15-18 feet (if bigs can't shoot they don't have to play outside the arc), as soon as he goes by, 5 tries to seal the next defender for a pass. 3 comes from behind the zone to replace 4, putting pressure on the weakside wing.

The two guards are active, trying to penetrate gaps, shot fake and pass opposite. When 2 has the ball, the weakside wing has to cover 1 and 5, they can have 5 screen him for the pass to 1.

The pattern continues on a pass back to 2, 3 screens the back of the zone for 5 then hooks right to the ball, 4 replaces 5. If 2 passes to 5, 1 gets where the ball can see him on a skip pass.

If 5 dribbles out of the corner, 3 goes to the short corner, 4 comes across to the mid-post area, 2 and 1 space away (tilt).

2) Against a trapping 1-3-1

There can't be much player movement, put them in spots to alleviate pressure. Players must be strong in double teams. When a player is trapped, have players below the ball, behind the ball, at the ballside mid-post area, and opposite where the ball can see him.

Here 2 is trapped on the pass from 1, 5 goes to the short corner (below the ball), 1 gets behind the ball, 4 goes to the mid-post, and 3 is opposite the ball in vision.

When the ball is reversed to 3, 1 sprints behind the ball. Against hard trapping pressure, 5 goes short corner to short corner, 4 goes mid-post to mid-post.
See Press breaks - Halfcourt Atkins.

The action is the same on a skip pass from 3 to 2. If 2 passes to 4, 2 and 3 tilt the zone, sliding to the corners.

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