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Zone set plays
Izzo arm chop

Tom Izzo

Against a 2-3.

1 passes to 3 who takes one dribble down, 5 posts, 4 comes up to screen.
Michigan State - Arm chuck - 4 starts at the elbow opposite 3.
Chris Oliver - Fudge - 4 starts at the elbow furthest from 3, or go 1-4 high, 5 dives from the closest elbow on the pass to 3.
See YouTube video - How to Create 2-on-1 vs a Zone Defence (Chris Oliver).

5 starts to curl under the basket as 1 gets the ball back and uses 4's ballscreen (bring players from behind). 1 can shoot, pass inside to 5 or kick to 2.
Coach Mac - Swing - from a 1-3-1 set, 1 passes to 3, who passes back once the top defenders of a 2-3 zone shift, 5 slides over to the other short corner, 2 slides down to the corner, 4 sets a good screen and rolls. 1's looks are a shot, 3, 5 or 4.
See Zone offence - 1-3-1 basics (Syracuse), Zone set play - Punch jab.
Steve Cleveland (Fresno State) - the high post screens the odd-fronted zone to start the offence (smack action).
Oliver - Pin and pop (YouTube) - a pass to the wing creates an opportunity for high-post 4 to pin for the point guard, a quick pass back creates a double gap for 1, on a dribble drive 4 pops out to the 3-point line, distorting the zone and looking for a pass to shoot, drive or pass to 3 for a 2-on-1 with low post 5.
See Zone set plays - Monroe, Florida ballscreen 3s (reversing the play).

4 keeps going and screens for 3 to come up top.

On guard penetration, attack an inside shoulder, if the defender brings his outside foot up, kick.
See Zone set plays - Nash corner, Auriemma vs. 2-3 (play 3).
Against man-to-man defence, see Fast breaks - Spurs 2007 (shake), Bill Self secondary.

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