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Fullcourt moves

Fullcourt dribbling using different moves, optionally finish with a layup or shot.

Straight ahead
- speed dribble (one hand, or alternating)
- control or slide dribble off the back foot (Magic Johnson - spin away if the defender comes around the front)
- hesitation (slow and go)
- stutter (squeaky feet)
- inside-out (fake crossover)
- running behind the back.
- pullback, pullback crossover

See Dribbling - Memphis.

Change of direction moves
- crossover
- between the legs
- behind the back
- reverse or spin (and fake spin)
- progression - first use stutter or inside-out.

See Dribbling - Fullcourt zig-zag, Danny Hurley fullcourt.

Combo moves
- double moves (e.g. double crossover, Mike Bibby double behind the back)
- between the legs, spin
- killer crossover (between the legs then crossover, or back under the same leg)
- Kobe Bryant between the legs, behind the back
- Kobe Bryant behind the back, crossover
- spin, crossover
- crossover, spin.
Stan Van Gundy
- hockey dribble - short, choppy steps with head and shoulder fakes (stutter)
- change of pace - moderate to sprint
- stop and go - speed, stop, speed
- in and out (crossover fake)
- crossover
- behind the back - one foot forward, or feet even
- between the legs
- reverse or spin
- half spin
- step-back, hesitation, go
- step-back, jump shot
- step, reverse pivot (and spin), jump shot
- step-back, crossover (drive, jump shot)
- step-back, crossover, reverse
- inside-out, crossover
- crossover, between
- crossover, reverse
- stop and go, crossover
- between, behind (feet even or one foot forward)
- between, between
- lateral dribble, speed dribble (same hand)
- lateral, crossover or inside-out
- hockey dribble, crossover
- hockey, lateral, speed or crossover
- between, reverse, crossover

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Ray Lokar - fullcourt head's up - in a fullcourt dribble drill, coach stands upcourt, when he shows his target hands the dribbler must pass and cut to the basket for a return pass.

Jaime McLean - zig-zag dribbling from sideline to sideline, start going left, 3 round trips each, crossover, between the legs, behind the back (wrap, and sit), pullback crossover, two balls same time, alternate (stay low), both balls low, dribble one ball low and roll the other ball.

See Shooting - Dematha 4-corner jumpers.up

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