Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Nate James

Dave Adkins
FIBA Assist issue 23

The shooter makes a power layup then backpedals (simulate transition). When he sees the chair or cone on the 3-point line with his peripheral vision, he curls around it and runs to the other elbow for a pass and shot.

Make or miss, the shooter rebounds his shot, makes a no-dribble layup, then backpedals out and around the cone to the other elbow. Continue to X shots or X makes.


- vary the location and distance of the cone
- pull-up shots, shot-fake shot, etc.

FIBA coaching library - Run back catch and shoot - the shooter and a rebounder start under the basket, the shooter backpedals for a pass and shoots, runs under the basket to touch the ball in the rebounder's hands then backpedals out for another pass, work for 30-60 seconds, the players compete against each other or other pairs.

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