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Dribble-drive 2 on 0

2-on-0 dribble-drive shooting, players rotate spots, optionally bigs rotate in from behind the baseline. Regular scoring (3s and 2s), or 1 point for a finish at the rim. In some cases speed up the drill by having two players at the shooting position (shown). Drop zones are elbows and higher, drag zones below the elbows (drop 2 and drag 2 are on the right).
Progression - 3 on 0, see Shooting - Dribble-drive.

1-2 series
- backcut, kickup, throwback, kick-out, skip pass, quick
1-3 series
- backcut, kickup, throwback, kick-out, skip pass
1-4 series
- kickback, lane penetration
- corner-through-nail-brush cut
1-5 series
- clean-up, relocate
- duck in, tee up

Use both sides of the floor for a) and b).

1) 1-2 series

a) 1 drives drop 2, 1-2 backcut, kickup (loop, lift), or corner kick-out (kickdown)
Options on a kickup
- 1 can replace 2 in the corner, or cut weakside, see Matt Bollant quick (1 jump stops in the drop zone, passes to 2 and cuts through, 2 can drive baseline right away, or drive middle, crossover and go baseline)
- Nate Oats - finish with floaters.
b) 1 drives drag 2, corner kick-out or 1-2 kickup

c) 1-2 kickup, throwback to 1 in the corner, 2 cuts through

d) 1 drives middle to drop 3 (or drag 3), skip pass to 2 dragging up
e) 1 drives drop 3, skip pass to 2 in the corner

f) 1-2 quick - 2 elevates for a pass,1 basket cuts for a return pass (give and go).
g) 1-2 quick, 1 cuts through (corner or basket cut), 2 can attack middle or baseline (shown)

See Layups - Vance Walberg drop, Drop and drag, Shooting - Calipari two-ball.

2) 1-3 series
a) 1 drives drop 3, 1-3 backcut, kickup, or corner kickdown
b) 1 drives drag 3, 1-3 corner kick-out or kickup

c) 1-3 kickup, 3-1 corner throwback, 3 cuts through

d) 1 drives to drop 2 or drag 2, skip pass to 3 dragging up (shown)
e) 1 drives drop 2, skip pass to 3 in the corner.

Olesen - after making a pass from the drag zone the passer must make a read, usually hesitating under the hoop. If 3 drives middle, 1 cuts behind to the 3-corner; if 3 enters the ball to the post, 1 would cut to the opposite side.up

2) 1-4 series

a) lane penetration (shown) - 1 drives the lane, 4 drags behind for a pass (drag 4), 1 exit cuts, 4 shoots or attacks

b) 1-4 kickback (pitch) - 1 drives middle, 4 kicks back for a pass

c) middle penetration - 1 drives middle, 4 kicks back, 1 penetrates the lane, 4 drags back for a pass, 1 exit cuts

d) swing corner cut - 1-4 pass and corner cut, 4 drives right

e) swing corner cut (shown) - if 4 drives left, 1 breaks off his cut and pops back out top (Calipari)

f) through cut - 1-4 swing and cut to the basket, 4 drives right or left, 1 reads it and exits opposite the drive (Olesen)
g) 1-4 swing and through cut, 1 gets a return pass (give and go)

h) 1-4 swing and nail cut, 4 drives right or left (Calipari)

i) 1-4 swing and brush cut, 4 drives right

j) kickback-swing (pitch kick) - 1-4 kickback, 4 takes one dribble away, swings the ball back to 1 and cuts, 1 shoots or drives

k) pullback - 1 makes a pullback dribble, 4 makes a nail, corner or through cut to open a gap for 1, or a brush cut (also cut on a pass fake, or if overplayed)
l) 4-1 drag screen and pop

m) finish with any option, e.g. 1 can drive middle for a kickback, drive the lane, or pass to 4, who can drive right or left.

See Shooting - Calipari two-ball, 5star dribble-drive.up

4) 1-5 series
Put back any misses.

a) 1 drives the lane with his right hand, 5 cleans up

b) 1 drives middle, 5 relocates (shown).
Progression - 1 can shoot or dish to 5.

c) 1 drives to drop 2 and stops, 5 tees up at the weakside elbow for a pass, 1 cuts through, 5 drives, or makes a return pass to 1 on the give and go (Walberg)

d) if 1 drives middle to drop 3, 5 relocates then tees up to drop 2 for a pass
e) 1 drives to drop 2 and looks at 5 he ducks in (shown) or goes straight up the lane (Calipari)
f) 1 drives to drop 2, 5 tees up for a pass, 1 ballscreens (Greg Kampe).
Matt Bollant - if 1 jump stops at the elbow and 2 is not open, 5 makes a hard flash to the weakside elbow for a pass and can sweep baseline; if not, 1 cuts below 5, who goes right behind him for a dunk.

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