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Press breaks
Halfcourt basics

Against halfcourt zone (or man) trapping defence.

a) 2-1-2 set

Use against an odd-front zone (1-3-1 or 1-2-2), or man-to-man pressure.

1 has three short pass options, and a long pass to 3 opposite.

Look to reverse the ball at least once before crossing halfcourt.

On a pass from 1 to 4, 3 pops out to the wing, 2 goes long opposite.

4 could skip it back to 1, behind ball level.
Don Meyer - the most important thing is crossing halfcourt in a position of power.

On a pass to the high post, 3 and 2 create an attacking triangle, 1 gets in vision.
Bill Self - on a pass to the middle, the trailer runs wide opposite, the passer becomes the new trailer.

If 4 passes to 3, 5 dives and 2 fills the high post.
Variation -  5 dives, 2 stays low weakside, 1 fills the high post, see Press breaks - Giorgis orange vs. 1-3-1, also Zone offence - 2-1-2.

Get back to a 2-1-2 set on a return pass to 4.

See Press breaks - halfcourt Park View High, Atkins, Duke vs. halfcourt 1-3-1.

Also use a 2-1-2 set to spread the floor (four corners) and protect a lead late in the game.

See Offence - Wootten four to score.
A 2-1-2 set can be used against 3/4-court pressure, with 5 at halfcourt, 4 inbounds and trails opposite the ball, or bumps 5 from the middle and 3 comes back as the reversal option, see Giorgis orange vs. 1-3-1, Old Dominion Trap O, also Ashbury halfcourt.

b) 1-3-1 set

Shift into a 1-3-1 set against an even-front halfcourt zone, e.g. 2-3 or 2-2-1.
Kermit Davis - use a 1-3-1 set against a trapping 1-3-1.
Ken Atkins - use a 1-3-1 set if the defence is trapping a two-guard set.

Inbounder 4 bumps 5 to the low post.

See Press breaks - Duke vs. halfcourt 2-1-2, Ashbury halfcourt, Middle, Zone offences - 1-3-1 basics, Kermit Davis vs. 1-3-1.

On a pass to 3, 1-4-5 provide three short pass options, 2 is long opposite.

5 comes across (when low, and dives when high).
For a 1-3-1 set in the fullcourt, see Old Dominion Trap O, Xavier (1-Up)., Middle.up

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