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Zone offence

Used against a 1-3-1 (or 1-2-2) zone defence, and halfcourt pressure.

See Zone offence - 5star 2-1-2, also Dave Odom 1-3-1.

Shooters are in the corners.

Look for a pass to the high post or a skip pass to the weakside corner.

On a pass to 5 at the high post, create an attacking triangle, 2 and 3 cut to the basket (or shooters can stay).

Mike Dunlap - show a 2-1-2 set with 5 on the foul line then just pull him straight out above the 3-point line, get the ball moving, no cutting.

High-post 5 dives on a pass to a corner, will go back on a return pass to 4.

mensbasketballhoopscoop.com - Arizona triangle delay game - continuity on any guard-to-guard pass, when 1 passes to 4, 5 backscreens for 1 then steps out to exchange positions for a pass from 4.

Ken Atkins - freeze delay game - 1 passes to 4 then screens for 5 at the foul line, about 30% of the time 5 will backscreen for 1 (put a fist in the air and all his name).

Jerry Petitgoue - revolve zone offence - 4 passes to 3 and cuts through then 5 comes down, 1 and 2 fill behind 4.


a) put 4 on the baseline, on the side of the weakest defensive rebounder,

b) on ball reversal, 4 screens for shooter 2 to run to the ballside corner, and always has weakside rebounding position. Look for a lob pass to 4, who can move out to the weakside corner for a diagonal skip pass to relieve pressure on 1 or 2.

See Zone offence - Atkins Oregon, also X-gap vs 1-3-1.

Options against pressure defence.


On a corner touch (or corner trap), the weakside corner flashes to the ballside elbow.

perfectpractice.net - 4 cuts to the foul line on the pass to 2, he can shoot without footwork adjustments.

On a return pass, 3 goes back, 5 comes high (a 2-1-2 set again).

See Zone offences - Pitt vs 1-3-1, Syracuse vs 1-3-1, Atkins baseline, Offence - Wootten four to score, Press breaks - halfcourt Park View High, Atkins.


Use two high posts in entering the offence, 5 dives and 3 fills on a pass to 2.

3 dives on a pass to 5, here 2 stays on the wing.

4 can move up weakside (shown).

5 dives diagonally on a pass to 3, here 2 cuts to the basket.

1 can move up.

See Zone offences - X-gap vs 1-3-1, Michigan State vs 1-3-1.up

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