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Press breaks
Giorgis orange vs 1-3-1

Brian Giorgis

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Against a 1-3-1, 4 inbounds and flattens it out (pushing 3), a 2-1-2.

If you're having trouble with the 1-4 pass, 4 can come back (behind the ball), keep the regular press break.

5 goes deep enough that he could pass it back if trapped.

If 4 doesn't put the ball on the floor real well, put your 2 back there and 5 in the middle, or whatever you want to do.

As 1 brings it up, 3 and 5 are on a sliding string.

On a 1-4 pass, 5 goes down to the weakside block, make the bottom defender play him.

On a pass to 3, 5 comes ballside, 2 comes all the way down weakside (it's difficult for the weakside wing defender to get there), 1 comes to the middle, attack this.

Against a halfcourt 1-3-1

4 should be flat, 1 dribbles up and sees what top defender X2 is doing, if he doesn't come over it's just 1-on-1 with wing defender X3.

Giorgis is not a big fan of attacking X2 and X3 and getting into a trap. A lot of time he likes to dribble up and bang, reverse it.

On a 1-4 pass, 3 sprints up to the wing from the block, 5 goes down to the other block.

4 can come right back to 1.

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