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Post play
Terps rebound explode out

Brenda Frese


5 self rebounds with defender X5 on his back, makes an outlet pass, breaks upcourt, exploding with three quick steps.

5 sprints around a chair (or cone) with X5 trailing, gets a pass, finishes with a layup under pressure. Rotate players.

Kevin Sutton

No defender, do four Mikans, inbound the ball, sprint around a chair at halfcourt, swim (face cut) for a pass, finish with a layup. Change sides, repeat. Progressions,

- catch, shot fake, direct drive layup
- trail jump shot (near the foul line)
- trail jumper then ballscreen for a coach on the other wing, roll for a pass, finish (two shots)
- trail jumper then pick and pop for a pass and shot
- shot fake, direct-drive layup, sprint to ballscreen on the wing, early slip for a pass.

To speed up the drill, do only 2-3 Mikans.

Don Kelbick - trailer low-post combo - start with a Mikan drill (e.g. 3 reps), pass to coach on the wing, sprint upcourt around a chair above the top of the key toward the ball (here go clockwise), get a pass at the ballside elbow for a trail jump shot, cut to the opposite low post, pick a ball off a chair and make a low post move [variation - get a post-entry pass from another coach].

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