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1 on 1
Ganon Baker give and go

Ganon Baker

1 has one dribble before passing to coach or 2 then works to get open for a pass (e.g., face cut or back cut), play to a stop or score. The attacker can fake a give and go - take two steps forward, plant the inside foot, take two steps backward for a pass.

Rotate attacker to defender to passing line (coach is a permanent passer).

Door drill option - start with 3 as a static defender with his arms out, 1 passes and face cuts under an arm (shoulder to hip) for a return pass and shot.
- X3 passes to 1 from in the lane and closes out
- the first pass by 1 is a shell, X3 jumps to a deny or gap position, 1 gets a return pass
- for two-on-two, add a defender on 2.
See Defending - Nash jump to the ball, 1 on 1 with passers.

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