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Zone offence
Schepp vs 1-3-1

Kirby Schepp
Basketball Manitoba (YouTube)

See YouTube video - Attacking zone, Zone offence - Schepp.

The wings of a 1-3-1 zone defence play between the ball and their corner, on both sides.

Offensively, make a triangle. Put someone in the high post, at least to start.

Make two defenders play you, dribble-pass-pass.

3 is a shooter.

See Zone offence - 2-1-2, Michigan State vs 1-3-1.

Then make screening a problem for the defence, have 4 and 5 go down low and put baseline defender X1 in jail, 3 tries to find an open shot along the baseline.

The first goal is to spread the zone out, 1 and 2 are high and start by passing back and forth a couple of times, now make two guys play them, they can drive a gap and pass to 4 or 5 low.

See Zone defences - Atkins baseline, Kermit Davis vs 1-3-1, Runner (double low posts), also Syracuse vs 1-3-1.up

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