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Zone offence
Michigan State vs 1-3-1

Kent Dernbach
See YouTube video - Attacking a 1-3-1 zone.

Michigan State attacked an extended 1-3-1 zone defence using an "offset" 2-1-2 with two wide guards, a high post, shooter on either wing, and low post opposite.

Look to get the ball to 4, who is active in the middle of the zone, and can attack and/or pass to 5 or 3.

The guards are also active, and look to penetrate on a guard-to-guard skip pass before the defence can recover.
(Option - use a double high-post entry, see below and Zone offence - X-gap vs 1-3-1)

The guards usually reverse the ball at least once (skip pass).

3 can cut to the basket on the pass to 4.
(Option - 5 comes ballside if 1 passes to 3, see Zone offences - Dave Odom vs 1-3-1. Pitt vs 1-3-1)


4 can step out to reverse the ball.

Here 3 and 5 swapped sides of the floor.
- 3 runs the baseline, see Zone Offence - Dave Odom 1-3-1
- 5 screens for 3, see Zone offence - Atkins Oregon, also X-gap vs 1-3-1.

5 can move out from the low post when the ball is on his side, here 4 steps out top for a pass and hits 5 on a high-low.

Hubie Brown - X zone attack vs 1-3-1
coachpreheim.blogspot.ca, coachjacksonspages.com

The guard without the ball should never be ahead of the guard with the ball, trail so he can reverse the ball if they trap.

3 and 5 stack to start, 5 breaks up to the elbow with 4 at the other elbow.

On a pass to 5, 4 dives to the front of the rim and 3 busts to the corner. If 5 passes to 3, 5 busts to the first hash.
See Zone offence - X-gap vs 1-3-1.

Here 1 passes to 4, who looks for 3, 2, or 5 (diving diagonally).

If a high-post pass is not there and the ball is reversed, 2 attacks the top of the key with two dribbles and jump stops, 4 drops to the first hash, 5 backs up, 3 goes to the corner, 2 can shoot or has three other options.up

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