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Zone offence
Syracuse vs 1-3-1

Jim Boeheim

If you hold the ball against a 1-3-1 they will trap you. Try to get the ball into the gaps from the top, and get the ball to the baseline and over. You don't have to get a lot of movement.

Use two guards, two low posts on the blocks, and a player on the baseline.

1 draws two trappers then passes to 2 just before a trap. 2 drives a gap looking for 5, shooter 3, or to 1 coming back, who would try to drive a gap on his side.

Or get the ball to the baseline, 5 comes to the high post from the weakside to pull the defence in.

3 diagonal passes to 1, as the pass is in the air 4 goes right to the ballside block, 5 moves across the lane for a high-low.

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