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Kris Treat - Physical evaluation

Kris Treat

1) Size

Height and weight.

2) Speed (shown)

Timed transition running drill - five players sprint from the baseline to the far foul line, looking over their inside shoulder. Don't use the baseline as a finish line, it's too close to the wall. Rank the results, the top 10% of players get a score of 10, the next 10% get a score of 9 and so on.

3) Quickness (shown)

Two players on command sprint from the baseline to the near foul line, back to the baseline, out to halfcourt, then back to the foul line. The players need to touch each line with their hands except for the finish line.
(Variation - backpedal from the foul line to the baseline)
See Try-outs - Physical testing, Defending - Duke agility, 5star acceleration, Dribbling - Change direction.

4) Vertical jump

Players dip a hand in chalk dust, stand beside a wall and reach up to give the measurement base, then leap up from a standing position to touch the wall as high as possible.

5) Strength

Count the number of push-ups players can do without stopping for more than 30 seconds. They must touch their chest to a paper cup on the floor for a push-up to count.

6) Body balance

Begin on the baseline and v-cut around a series of cones or chairs, at the end of the slalom there is a table or other barrier that forces the player to come to a complete stop, the player must reverse pivot, sprint toward the next chair then cut off it to the right and on to the finish line.

Use the same obstacle course for dribbling, see Try-outs - Kris Treat dribbling, also Physical testing.
See Conditioning - Baller Boot Camp agility.

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