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Enfield ballscreen spacing

Andy Enfield

Ballscreen breakdowns to work on spacing. The strong-side corner is filled (corner filled).

See Quick hitters - Enfield ballscreens.

a) 4-man lifted

Lift 4, 5 sets a side ballscreen, 3 comes off, 5 goes to the rim, 2 fills behind. 5 can reverse pivot or forward pivot, but has to be at the rim in three steps (he has to sprint), and posts on a throw-back to 2.

Many teams like to sag the opposite big to help on the roll man, but here X4 can`t help on the roll if 4 can shoot, help has to come from X2 (leaving 2 open).

b) 4-man as a duck-in

4 is not necessarily a three-point shooter, 3 hits the duck-in if X4 helps on the roll.

4 puts his hips and legs on his defender and seals (Enfield shows a two-step step-through, L-R).

c) 4-man corner

4 is in the weakside corner, takes one step towards the ball and runs to the rim for a lob, pointing.

This is what 4 does from the corner on a middle drive, see Tactics - Enfield penetrate-kick spacing.

d) 4-man as the fill guy

4 is in the ballside corner and fills behind the ballscreen, extremely hard to guard if he has some skill. Help on the roll has to come from X2 or X4.

e) 4-man sets the ballscreen

You may prefer to have 5 duck in instead of 4.

Whenever the corner is filled, 4 rolls to the rim, they have 4 pop when the corner is open.

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