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Tennessee 55 reaction

Bruce Pearl

When working on halfcourt offence or defence, when the offence scores have them immediately set up their press (e.g., 1-2-1-1), then the other team must complete an inbounds pass.

Progression - the team breaking the press must complete another pass after the inbounds pass.
Dean Smith - anytime they work halfcourt, regardless of emphasis on defence or offence, the defence always breaks when the offence misses a shot (transition). They strengthened this emphasis by having the defence inbound the ball after a made basket, the team that scored makes a defensive call and defends the fast break, when coach blows the whistle they head back on offence again. Simulating a fast break after field goals reminds players that they must always be ready to transition from offence to defence and defence to offence, and gives them practice at calling and reading the defensive signals after every North Carolina field goal.

See Scrimmage - George Karl 45-54-45.

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