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Kentucky ballscreens

John Calipari

Other teams will zone or sag against dribble-drive, then Kentucky doesn't want to take all jumpers, so e.g. they can run swing until the 1-man gets the ball back, then he calls Fist (a ballscreen set by the 5-man) or Drag (4 comes up to ballscreen).

The ballscreen can be on a wing or high-angle (in a slot out top). Calipari didn't show a ballscreen they would use in the middle of the floor.

John Robic - Kentucky wants to fly it up the court, go from side to side, and stay on the attack, not push it, pull it back and call a play. They may screen later in the possession if they don't get anything.

Del Harris - too much pick and roll stifles ball movement and the penetration game.
He doesn't recommend a late-clock or game-winner pick and roll, it's too easy to trap or switch, and you don't have time to take advantage of the mismatch. Getting a 1-on-1 for a good player is superior, or lots of off-balls screens if he is not a 1-on-1 player.
Dave Severns - we tend to overuse the pick and roll, but it's so hard to guard.

See Offence - Kentucky dribble-drive, Fast break - Calipari 5 on 0 swing series, Tactics - Enfield penetrate-kick spacing, Fast breaks - Early ballscreens.

a) Fist (high angle)

1 can call fist then dribble from one slot to the other, changing the angle.

1 is facing the basket, screener 5 comes up right at him, not sideways, the screen can be flat or angled either way. When 5 hops to set the screen, 1 skips on the dribble (to avoid getting a foul on 5). 5 goes to the rim.

There is a ballside attacker who fills behind (here 3) and two weakside attackers, 4 can be in the short corner (shown) or the corner.

A pocket pass to the screener is a bang-bang play, not two dribbles then pass.
See Tactics - Van Gundy ballscreens (shake, also spread), Lawrence Frank ballscreens (strong).

Fist up

A called set, 4 goes through on a hard cut, 1 changes sides, 5 comes up to pick and roll.

See Offence - Dribble-drive ballscreens (loop for 1).

b) Drag (on the wing)

1 calls "drag", 4 comes to screen. Drag on the wing is elbow high, and can be set at either angle, e.g. a step-up screen if X1 is forcing baseline. Clear out the ballside corner.

4 can roll to the rim or short roll.

For Fist on the wing, 5 would come up through the nail then straight at 1.

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