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Calipari pick and roll

John Calipari

The ballscreener doesn't roll chest to chest, he goes back to chest and runs. They want lob passes not bounce passes, small guard defenders can't get in the play.

5 sprints to get separation, his man is late, the ballhandler can come off and split. 5 gets his right foot on the 3-point line, 2 hesitates at the screen to attack the screener's defender, he can split the screen because of the way the screener rolls. 2 can throw it back to 1 to post 5.

See Tactics - Van Gundy ballscreens.

It can start with a screen for 5.

If 2 starts coming too early, 5 slips because if he tries to set a screen they will call a foul on him.

If 2 turns down the screen, 5 sprints to the broken line in the middle of the lane for a dunk.

If the defence traps and rotates, 5 runs to a spot where he can shoot (wing/corner), he runs the same way.

For post practice (without 1), have 5 sprint to ballscreen for a coach or manager, who will

- come off the screen and lob pass to 5
- turn down the screen and lob to 5 at the dots
- against a trap, come off and pass to 5 running to a spot for a shot.

Catch every ball with two hands.

On a shake screen, 5 runs up one way but screens the other way.

On a pick and roll straight up the middle, 5 decides which way to screen at the last moment, he goes to the basket, if his man guesses right on the ballhandler, 5 is open going to the basket, again for a lob pass.

5 can step away (shown) for a shot (2 or 3 points), but not too far away because that's where the help is coming from.

To use a side pick and roll, get the ball to your right hand, dribble to the wing (try to beat your man), get the ball to your left hand (don't turn your back on him, back up and crossover), then bump him off, put your hip on him. If he tries to stop you from using the screen, go between your legs to your right hand (attack baseline).

Come off the screen and hesitate, it can almost be two dribbles, you want to go right at the big defender to freeze him and see what he's going to do, then turn the corner and go. If he keeps coming and the screener rolls, he'll leave and you go right up his back. Split if the screen defender jumps way out, crossover to your right hand. For a jump shot at the foul line, hesitate then use a separation dribble to get to the other side of the lane, away from everybody (shown).

A practice progression is

- hesitate, layup
- hesitate, separation dribble, jump shot at the foul line
- hesitate, split. up

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